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i will think about it1 showcases photographic and painting works of three young artists living in Singapore – Chuck Reyes, Koh Pei Chen, and Nah Yong En. Of the three, only Yong En is a Singaporean, whilst Chuck and Pei Chen are from the Philippines and Malaysia respectively. Their works deal with the quiet contemplation of what it means to live within the austere, fast-paced, ever-changing, island of complexities and ambiguities that is Singapore. The exhibition is scheduled to coincide with Singapore’s National Day, so as to provide a point of reflection amongst the celebrations.

Their works are not positioned in a typical political activist or overly patriotic standpoint, but from a place more personal and reflective, evidences of a sincere contemplation. To these artists, this country is a living entity complete with its differing qualities, its quirks and hidden subtleties. They train their gaze upon the mirror of Singapore in order to see themselves, their reflections shaped and molded according to the place they live in, and invite the audience to do the same.

Night & Day Gallery presents itself as an unconventional but most appropriate venue for this exhibition. A former shop-house that served as the home for generations of families, the space has been transformed into a bar and art gallery. Imprints of the space’s former life, however, are still evident in the shadows and etched markings in the wooden floor where old furniture once stood generations previous. This interplay between past and future, of the old inevitably moving into the new, is a fitting backdrop for this exhibition.


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Jan 11, 2007
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