How to decreaze the intenzity of shadowz .... ?? ....

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Sep 7, 2002
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hi .....

when me am taking landscapez, the shadowz of the buildingz / treez will appear harzh on my slidez .....

can anybody tell me iz there any method me can uze to reduce the intenzity of the shadowz ..... ?? .....

thankz ..... :bsmilie:



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Jun 18, 2003
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These are the methods i would try, in order of personal preference:

1. Fill in flash, if possible, ie if can reach.

2. Take two slides on tripod, expose one for highlight, one for shadows. (aka bracket) Scan and combine in PS. [Similar method: bracket like mad, take the few best ones.

3. Don't shoot. Wait for clouds, or sunset, or sunrise, until i know the slide can handle the range of brightness in the scene. That's about 5 stops at most, i think.

4. Use Supra400. Yeah, i know it's negative. But it's known that slides have higher contrast and lower dynamic range. On a bright/deep shadow shot, shooting slides and expecting highlights and shadows to come out in one shot is just not too realistic. At out present stage of emulsion technology anyway.

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