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Full day Intensive Studio photography work shop with Jeff Chen

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Hello guys!

It's been a long time since my last workshop, and by request I decided to hold one again!
I'd like to invite you to spend a day with me , as i go through some of my favourite lighting setups that i use for my editorial and commercial shoots.

A little bit about me , I am a professional photographer with 8 years of experience, my Genres of Photography include Fashion, commercial and Product photography.
Here is my facebook page

I would appreciate it if you guys can take a look at my works and "like" my page.

now more about the workshop.

My workshop will be divided into 3 parts.

1st part: This will be a tutorial about some of the lighting accessories I like to use during my work.
I want to show you the classic lighting styles, and share some of my insights on it.
How to quickly light up a subject with 1,2,3 or even MORE lights!
show you some of my lighting "Cheat codes".

2nd Part : this will be a photoshoot with a model, we'll be putting into use the lighting setup that we built on the 1st segment.
i'll teach you what to look out for , when the model is on set, and how to trouble shoot some lighting issues.
also i will be sharing with you some of the techniques and methods i use , to communicate and direct the model.

3rd Part : this is where the magic happens, the "DIGITAL DARKROOM".
I want to share with you some of my favourite techniques and tips I use to achieve that Editorial magazine look.


Time and Date: 28th Sept 2013 (Sat) 11AM

Location: to be announced to confirmed participants

Duration:6 hours inclusive of 1 hour break

Skill level: intermediate to advanced

Maximum number of participants :15

Things to bring: DSLR with 24-70mm (or equivalent lens), Writing materials, Sense of Humour(very important).

Cost :$150

To Confirm placement ,please transfer the workshop fee of $150 to POSB savings account 139-14277-2


Jeff Chen

here are some testimonies from participants of my previous workshops

"I still remember being a newbie, really hav limited knowledge of lighting.

Jeff has a small private class that give us chance to practice different lighting style n how to direct models during shoot.
He also prepared straight to the point power point for us to grasp the technique of the use of different modifier n PP.

Eventually it's about practice after we learnt n fine tune our technique.

Practice makes perfect, Jeff occasionally will look through our works n gave us some opinions n at times give me pointers to my different theme shoot n how the lighting can be improved.

My first Harpers bazaar shoot I still remember Jeff dropped by n gave me some pointers that time. I really appreciate it, although I didn't enter the finals but I also learnt alot from him.
It's a good learning experience to join Jeff class."-Leonard Chua (Pix.Storyphotography) Harper's Bazaar Fashion Photo award Honorary mention recipient.

"Whatever I know, I learnt from him in the past. Well worth going.

If u want to know abt studio lighting and photoshop... This is the class to go"-Roy Chuang, Photographer and workshop participant


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Jul 11, 2012
Dear Jeff,

Will you be teaching on Strobe or continuos lighting setup.
What is the lighting used during the shoot session?
What is the software that you use during session 3 on post processing?


hi Ernestho , thanks for the question, i realised i wasnt very clear on my write up,

I'll be using strobe light.
i assume your question means what sort of setup i'll be using? i'll most probably use a 3 to four light setup similiar the the ones i use in my commercial shoot.
For post processing i'll be using Adobe Photoshop.

thank you

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