Film vs Digital - Downgrade or Upgrade?

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Dec 17, 2002
I have been coming across threads saying sellinbg a certain film SLR to upgrade to digital.

Just want to discuss whether film -> digital is an upgrade at all?


DSLR may be more expensive because it's a different system.

Personally, I think a person who shoots in film is confident of what he/she shoots and is not afraid of spending extra on developing. Why is a transition from film to digital considered an upgrade? Because it's more expensive and trendy?


Personally most people 'may' (disputable) agree that film produces better images. Then why the 'upgrade'?

In fact I consider the day I move to film as the day I graduated from a learner to a matured, confident photographer.

What say all of you?

Jun 2, 2002
hErE lAh
Azure said:
another thread that's likely to be flame bait...
hahaha yeah the thread does sound like its asking for it. This issue has been debated to death. :devil:


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Jul 27, 2003
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More like a downgrade, if the intention is to "see" the picture and take again if the picture is not good enough; because the photog knows not enough to shoot "properly" in the first place with film, or needs a preview to be more confident that he gets his pictures.

More like switching systems, if looking for ease and found convinence in digital previews, uploading to press offices/internet, immediate printing and absolute control over the final image very quickly.

More like upgrading, if the intention is to produce images above (read nirvana) and beyond what he can achieve with his film slr.

So, it is all the above. Only the upgrader/switcher knows the real answer if he/she is honest enough. Downgraders do not know enough to tell the difference.

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