Dishonest salesman (Joy's Electromart, Funan #02-02A)


Nov 24, 2010
Dear all,

I just wanna share my personal experience & learning points with my recent purchase of the 6D Kit I yesterday at Joy's Electromarket, Funan Digital Mall #02-02A. Before moving on to the incident, I would like to state that I only did my "homework" ($2540~ 2580) for the body as I was planning to get just the 6D (Body).

I happened to pass by Joy Electromart & the salesman - Eric quoted me a good price, $2530 with a 32GB Lexar Class 10 memory card. As I felt that the price was pretty good, I decided to pay & proceed with the purchase.

One of the more junior salesman then brought down a 6D Kit I and started unpacking everything. I did not prompt him why he took the Kit I set instead of the body as I wanted to see what he was doing. As he was unpacking, he tried to introduce me the Canon 17-40 and then later, the Canon 24-105 F4 IS USM for $1100.

As all my APS-C lens were all sold, I thought the 24-105 would be a good zoom lens. While I was very deep in thoughts of whether to get the Canon 24-105 F4 or Tamron 24-70 F2.8, the salesman told me: "Aiya, Ok la $1070. I'll give in to you, you just go and withdraw la".

Thinking that I got a good deal for the 6D body & comparing that the Canon 24-105 in B&S section is about $1100, I went down to withdraw the remaining balance. Total sum paid:$3600 and he wrote down on the receipt $3580, as I thought that the receipt is just for warranty purpose, I didn't bother to sound him and went off.

After I got home and told my sister about the purchase, she told me that the 6D kit I was about $2540 in most shops 2 weeks back. My sister also woke me up when she told me that the 6D Kit I should be sold as a whole as I was not buying a separate lens.

About 10 minutes ago, I call up Joy Electromart, asked specifically for Eric to do a price check.

Eric then made a check (not qin cai say one) on the price and the results were: 1) Canon 6D Kit I - $3500 & just the Canon 24-105 F4 - About $1000~1100. So I told Eric I was the customer who bought the 6D Kit I and that the salesman charged me wrongly. Eric said he'll make a check and said: "Oh, you wasn't overcharged. $3620 was the correct price (When the price was not even correct), I quoted you ($3500 for 6D Kit I) wrongly earlier."

I tried to explain to him in a polite way that I wasn't buying a separate lens and that he himself quoted $3500 for 6D Kit I, how could he charge me $3600 yesterday but his only answers were "Aiya, it's like that one lah. Some people sell separately and even charged $1500 for the Canon 24-105".

I tried all friendly ways to "resolve" the matter but ended up Eric only offered to do an amendment of my receipt and told me he needs to run a business and asked me to call back. Called back again and was hung up abruptly with a angry tone. I was utterly disappointed not because of the price difference but because I entrusted the shop for their words "Buy with confidence".

Moral of the story?

1) Always buy from reputable shops even if there's a $10~20 price difference. (I've used to think that as long as you buy a local set (with warranty), you'll hardly need to go back to the shop after sales)

2) Stick to your plans, don't get carried away by offers easily

3) When making miscellaneous side purchases, make sure you know what you're paying for

4) Never buy from this camera shop. PS: You could easily see negative feedbacks by googling their shop's name.


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Nov 27, 2010
U didn't know 24-105mm is a kit lesson?
It always gd to do extra research and bit more homework and revision before going into the "exam hall".

The lesson on "buy from reputable shop" have been taught and share many times.


Apr 28, 2011
Sorry to hear your story,

Let's divide your story into 2 parts, 1st part is until after you bought the package, part 2 is after you realized you've been cheated.
For part 1, I do think is mainly your fault due to the fact that you did not prepare yourself well enough before dealing with them, especially you did not purchase at that shop before. I think that Eric guy is very cunning on making you fall into his trick but it's normal since he persuaded you to buy them as separate item instead of set (they want to make profit as much as they could). If you knew those items come as a kit set then you would have not been "cheated".

For part 2, I think their customer service really sucked in telling you in such manner and tone. And if the seller wrote down in the receipt those 2 items as 6D Kit then you still can fight back, but if they recorded as separate items then I don't think you can do anything. The worst scenario is they lost one customer like you, but I think they're fine with that.

For my experiences, I've been a very regular customer of Joy's Electromart and give them very good feedback. I never dealt with Eric before, but Jack Ng instead, he is even more cunning than Eric but if you know your stuff well then he is very easy to deal with. Most of the time, I do price check at all the reputable shop for ALL of items that I intend to buy such as Cathay, Alan Photo, MS Photo.... (at least 5 reputable one, and what is their best price, cash payment and is there any purchase with purchase promotion). Then when I came to the shop, ask for the price, tell him what is the best price from each of the shop. My tricks work all the time, I got all the lowest price and even further discount (all local set, nothing missing, I was allowed to test 2-3 lens to get the best lens, check shutter count for body I bought). And when dealing with any of sellers, do talk more than the seller so that they won't know you are a newbie. Otherwise you are dead.

2 weeks ago, I got a deal at them for 5D III body, brand new, shutter count 10 when I did the test, local set, and cheaper by $100 as compared to MS Photo (lowest price at that time). As a seller, they still make profit but lesser, but who cares, I got everything I need. Everything is brand new, at the cheapest price, and allowed to spend 1-2 hours testing body and lens without being complaint.

It't not only about the homework you do before entering the battle but also the way you manipulate them in getting a good price. The more you know, the lesser the chance of being cheated.

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