digital imaging programs queries between lr2 or cs3

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Aug 6, 2008
i am curious and i am intending to step onto the first stepping stone into learning di.

I can see that the most popular programs for DI is cs3 and lightroom.

Some people even uses both, i would appreciate whats the difference between the two? thought both are programs for DI.

What cs3 lack that lightroom don't have, what lightroom lack that cs don't have? Or anything like that.

As someone who is starting DI what should i get? both or just one.

Pardon my newbie qns, i believe it's more constructive getting the pros opinon here.

Thanks in advance, cheers

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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
The question is not about "what does LR2 have what CS3 doesn't" but rather "what is the purpose of these tools"? Both have different purposes, otherwise Adobe would not publish both of them.
Lightroom is a workflow tool. In the same way as a dark room houses the workflow / processing of film pictures LR houses the workflow of digital images. Uploading from card, organizing pictures in a library, developing pictures (here: adjusting the picture parameters, cropping etc.) and preparing for export (here: pint, web or slide show) are parts of the digital workflow. But all this is always done at the full picture level or bigger parts of the picture.
CS3 (and it's Open Source 'brother' GIMP) is software for pixel-level editing. Cloning, healing, burning and dodging, additional layer etc. are typical activities here. In addition the picture can be edited to add things which are not there initially (e.g. light effects).
The question for you is: what do you need? Since both programes come from Adobe they can be connected. Pictures can be 'handed over' to CS3 after initial development steps in LR and vice versa. To have a look into the programes itself you can download the 30 days trial versions.
Since you seem to start with that topic I'd recommend LR (actual version 2). Riceball bookshop has a promotion for the software plus book / DVD, check the Mass Sales section.


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Sep 8, 2007
what I know so far.

Photoshop CS3 :
-have almost all Lightroom capabilities to edit photos (RAW), friendly user interface to adjust exposure,contrast all those
-lens correction
-pano stitch

-fast workflow to edit many many photos
-can export to gallery



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Jan 29, 2006
Just to add:

LR 2 also alllow you to effortlessly select pictures to edit if you have taken hundreds of them, a lot of which maybe similar with bracketed exposures.

They allow you to save your pictures and organise them into folders and catalogues for easy accessing.

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