• CROSSING BRIDGES 16 - PHILIPPINES 2019 - 25 April to 2 May 2019. Limited to 20 participant only, Visit this thread for more information.


This is the 16th year that Crossing Bridges is being held and the community of participating photographers has grown tremendously

This year brings photographers from 11 countries to the Philippines
Its going to be an epic 8 day (EIGHT) trip in and around the capital of Manila and parts of Luzon island
25 April to 2 May 2019

Participanting countries are from
Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China, South Korea, Australia and Morocco

The trip cost is LAND only (from Airport Pick-up/drop-off), ALL Meals, ALL Transportations, ALL Accomodations (7 nights TWIN Sharing) and ALL other incidentals INCLUDING Security arrangements
SG$1045 per participant EXCLUDING AIRFARES . Base hotel will be the 4 star JEN HOTEL on Roxas Boulevard next to the US Embassy
Team Singapore has been allocated 20 participant slots MAX

YES you may arrive a day or few earlier or decide to stay back for a few extra days... additional night hotel is PHP4500 PER ROOM AT the 4-star JEN HOTEL on Roxas Boulevard next to the US Embassy

NO SPOUSES OR GF/BFs please.... this is a photography trip NOT a holiday
I have been advised by the organizers that there will be NO Single Room supplements... (ONLY 1 or 2 will get their own room IF there is an ODD number of guy/girl situation)
So get ready to twin share and pray for a non-snoring roommate

Participants MuST
- have a healthy sense of humor
- PHYSICALLY able to go with 6hrs of sleep or less daily
- ABLE to KEEP TRACK OF TIME AND BE PUNCTUAL (Sunrises and sunsets wait for nobody)
- Easy with food choices

Those who are interested please send me a PM to be considered for selection


CB-16 PH Itinerary 1.jpg

CB-16 PH Itinerary 2.jpg

CB-16 PH Itinerary 3.jpg

CB-16 PH Itinerary 4.jpg

CB-16 PH Itinerary 5.jpg

Eddie, just asking. How to go about paying etc. I am gathering information, including a possible work trip to Europe to see if can attend. Thanks.


By any chances any more slots available due to last min withdrawal ?


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