Corrupt jpg repair - any software / ideas?

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Feb 27, 2007

I've a lot of jpg photos recovered from a crashed hard disk. However, some of these files (while intact from a file size and file extension point of view) cannot be viewed.

Does anyone have any experience on what is a good software to recover them?

Thks in advance!

David Kwok

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Aug 23, 2008
Well I'm answering you in capacity of a IT personnel.
If you got your file back from a harddisk recovery process, check that the file is not zero byte. Filename and it's metadata is stored in totally different file position from it's data. Most likely you got back the filename and metadata and the data is all gone for good. No recovery software will save u with no data. Sorry to say chances they are gone with the wind.

Basically your question falls under generally file recovery. I doubt most can answer you question the way u want it to be.

A future advice for you from a professional stand point, if you feel your data is critical, don't save from a redundant storage system. May it be soft raid or hard raid, get a pair of harddisk and mirror your data to prevent data lost. You don't need an expensive setup for just mirror redundancy. Software Based mirror setup is offered in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux system.

For more information in this area, you may probe further.

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