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Saw this article published in Today.

Some thoughts that came to mind:

1. How does imposing a S$2 surcharge help? Instead of the car-pooling effect that occurs when people share cabs, more demand is created for individual cabs. Of course the counter argument is that the cabby loses his flag down fare - but think of it this way, as a shared cab, the driver can get two or more assured fares instead of one (where he will have to drive around after that looking for a fare).

2. If Taxi drivers are allowed to turn on the meters at the time of advance booking, does this mean that a passenger can also get a reduction in fare where the taxi driver shows up late?

3. Taxi companies are in for the rental, and are unlikely to want to take on the administrative burden of collecting booking fees in default. Legal action for S$3 is hardly worth pursuing - which is why companies do the blacklist method now.

4. Isn't a minimum fare almost the same as a flag down fare? Increasing airport trips to S$15 just means more taxis will camp at the airport and not return to the city, where demand is greatest. See the long queues of taxis at the airport and you'll know.

Today Online 211107 said:
I agree with the location surcharge and feel it can also improve the welfare of cabbies.

I have further suggestions:

• Impose a $2 surcharge for every additional stop for those going to more than one location.

• Taxi drivers should be allowed to turn on the meter from the stated time of an advance booking.

• Taxi companies should reimburse drivers the amount equivalent to the booking fee if passengers do not show up. The company can pursue the payment from the passengers who made the bookings.

• Instead of raising the flag-down fare, impose a minimum of $5 (excluding the surcharges) for each taxi trip and a minimum of $15 (excluding the surcharges) for trips departing from the airport.

This would ensure that the costs of taking a taxi are adjusted to current economic standards. Also, this would be fair to taxi drivers who have to travel a certain distance.

This should improve service standards and nip the problem in the bud, as drivers would feel they are reasonably compensated.

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They are assuming the supply is ampler and finding alternate ways to increase the cabby income.....IMO it's OK to raise the fare given the inflation as long as they are able to solve the cab dissapering mystery, unfortunately I just feel that the proposals so far are looking for compromise rather than ironing out the root of the cause :thumbsd:


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the article writer really don't have much sense on solving the Taxi problem :confused:.

OK, so we increase all the Taxi drivers benefit accordingly, who will want to take such a expensive ride (I personally will stop riding taxi unless in emergency), end up more people will purchase their own car instead, this actually going into a vicious cycle of creating worse transport structure, fewer Taxi as less people taking Taxi, more cars, higher COE due to more bid competition, increase in general transportation cost, company operating cost, living cost etc :thumbsd:


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just hope that the taxi drivers can drive more sanely... people on bikes are scared of them. :what::eek:


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Nov 9, 2006
1) Cheaper Daily Rentals. So that Drivers don't have to think of ways to cover their cost.
2) Do away Taxi call surcharges to encourage people to take Public transport e.g. taxis
3) Rebates for CAB drivers who pick up Customers in CBD areas during peak hours.
4) GPS system to tie up with the reciept system to show the pick up point and the drop off point.
5) More penalties for cab drivers who broke the law, eg suspension or revolt of Vocational lisences when a cab driver breaks the law.

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actually ... there already is a surcharge for pickups at CBD area during peak hours ... (unless all the cabbies have a conspiracy and charge me extra $4 when i board the cab).

my idea is simple... If you think the cabbies are having a hard time, it doesn't hurt to tip. Something as simple as rounding up the cab fair could add up to a lot. In the western countries, you are expected to tip the driver 10% of the meter prices.

Of course, having no tipping culture in singapore, and all of us (well me at least) being 'kiam siap' ... dun think this will ever happen.

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