Chingay 2013 fireworks?

Nov 15, 2009
Hi! all. I'm thinking of taking pictures of fireworks at this year Chingay. As i've never been to this event before, therefore would appreciate if anyone can advice if there will be any fireworks display & whether are they small scale or like those launched during NDP.

Sep 14, 2010
I took some fireworks during chingay festival before but their timing was quite late. I remember waiting since 8pm and end up the fireworks was around 10pm. Last year I went to Marina barrage for the fireworks. Quite difficult to get the area to put your tripod cos the walkpath is quite narrow and plenty of people walking and having picnic and playing kite. I am not sure about other area to shoot. I am planning to go there again, but so far have not found any information about the fireworks. The dates I saw on the advertisement is 22 and 23 feb @ pit building.
My suggestion, you can go earlier like around 9pm (assuming the fireworks will start at 10pm) and chop a place. Bring windbreaker cos it can get quite windy there. Also bring raincoat just in case and some snacks, shutter release remote, small torchlight (can bring small LED light to light up your tripod leg so that people wont accidentally kick your tripod)


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Aug 7, 2010
the fireworks start late at the end of the show.
no point going early cos there is no fireworks in-between unlike the regular ndp program, hopefully the org do some changes.

went bay east garden last yr and its not necessary to stick near the waters or safety barricades as UWA/FE may be need for plenty of high up burst. rough estimate 3-4x sheares bridge height.

hope this helps for whoever planning to go this yr :cool:


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Apr 21, 2008
This year can try taking from Garden By The Bay, over looking Singapore Flyer.

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