being unphotographic

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You know who upsets me? The guy who invented photography. Because he didn't ask us the cool CSers whether we like the rule of the third or not. Photography is about freedom and not the imposition of contraint.

And also look at the person who invented lenscap. Hasn't it occured to him that he has to put a hole in the cap so that we don't have to put in on and off and on and off. Now how simple is that? As to you-know-who who likes to wear a lenscap that is another story. The hole might just stop her.

Ladder is one of the great inventions of mankind. It takes a genius to adopt it as part of a photographic asenal. Those who are too weak to carry a ladder will climb up benchtop, trees, rubbish bins, traffic lights etc. Now how clever is that in seeking height where height inspires and at the same time deludes us?

Last but not the least let's cast our minds to camera brand names. Now what is this Nikon thing. Do you think that the guy who created the name is a Hokkien speaker. If he is why not call the camera Ang Kong? Now how cool is that?

To the cool CSers, I really like to dedicate this humble photo to you because you never know when you don't want to keep your fingers sticky as the situation may occur any moment in any place. So please don't underestimate the usefulness of rubber gloves. Now how cool looking is wearing rubber gloves and holding adslr with lightsphere on top and with earphones plugged into our ears?



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Oct 13, 2006
rubber gloves remind me of Scully. :heart: :bsmilie:


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Sep 1, 2004
Blue/Green Planet
I find latex more sensual.

It also enhances the look of the DSLR and ears.

If you cut the fingers off the gloves, you wil have five different sizes condoms! Now thats an invention, gloves has several uses!

But but I think everyone only needs one size only unless you change different sizes at different stages of expansion. :)


Aug 25, 2006
I prefer seeing Sion:

1) in his pink shoes
2) with those very latex gloves
3) doing his best impression of Keira Knightley

I believe it would brighten up my day, and definitely his! (note that I didn't say need anything else on hor! Best model of the year!)

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