any hp6516 or pda phone users,pls help.

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Mar 15, 2004
Tampines SG
i am currently using hp6515.its been with me for almost a year.the phone this few months tend to shut off by itself without any reason.i had to take out the batteries and put back in order for me to press the reset button.[this happen almost every day and few time per day]
Anyone had the same problem????pls advice
PLS HELP:dunno:

Oct 17, 2003
Sin Ming Ave
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1. Remove any prog installed prior to this fault. Mismatch among 3rd party progs. If fault persists..
2. Backup and hard reset (back to factory setting). Restore backup. If fault persists...
3. Hard reset (back to factory setting). Do not restore. If fault persists...
4. Download latest ROM from HP support site. Follow instructions carefully and flash the ROM. Remember to disable the screen saver and any scheduled progs on your desktop pc. Do this at your own risk unless u're confident. Do not hold me responsible if any thing goes wrong for this step.
5. Send to Hp if fault persists. Hardware faulty.

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