Alien on a beattle


a newbie here seek some comments... 1st time trying close up shot..

1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
exposure, composition and feedback needed to improve on the pics.

2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
a nice clean shot of the beattle..

3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
shot taken at pasir ris park around 11am using kits len 18-55mm with macro adapter and a flash.

4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image?
decent shoot..

thnxs for viewing n comment...


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Jan 23, 2009
This seems like a relatively decent photo to me, but I don't like that the left half of the photo is blurred (on purpose? due to focusing?) and the antennae differ in sharpness quite much. Just a fellow newbie's two cents worth.


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Sep 21, 2010
doing macro with a moving object can be quite challenging i guess. but it's also important to make sure the image is sharp. maybe bringing a tripod out on your next macro shooting session would help in that area. personally i feel that the image could've been sharper..

overall, i like how the vignette creates a spotlight effect on the beetle. so yup, that's about it from my point of view.



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Sep 23, 2008
My guess is that you have rotated the image by 90 degrees.

You probably took the picture with a relatively large aperture opening resulting in very narrow DOF.

If you want the subject to be sharp throughout, you'll have to use aperture of F11 or F16.

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