African children photo workshop kickstarter

Aug 4, 2011
Here's a kickstarter project by some students in Scotland about helping underprivileged children in Senegal, teaching them the ways of photography using pinhole cameras.
I thought might share with fellow photographers, may find this interesting as well ;)

Link: My Favourite Place by Victor Rhynas

My Favourite Place is a photography workshop to be undertaken with children in rural Senegal near Louga in December 2012. We aim to produce a book that documents the outcomes of the workshop, focusing on the children’s interpretation of their urban surroundings. The project will run for 4 days, and will give an insight into the local way of life, through the recorded medium of photography.

The project is being ran by four masters of architecture students from the architecture department at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow who believe in creating a more sustainable future for less economically developed countries.

The photos from the workshop will be used to create a book, with an acompanying launch night/ exhibition which is planned for early spring 2013. In addition to this, prints of the children's pictures will be available as rewards, as will the pinhole cameras we will be using with the children.

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