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Sep 4, 2002
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Some of my photos are underexposed. I've tried adjusting the exposure using ACDsee software and it turns out to be quite grainy(introduced noise). Is there any other method to brighten the photo without introducing too much noise to the picture? Will using photoshop to adjust the exposure be better than using ACDsee? And how can I adjust the exposure using photoshop? Hope that someone will be able to give me some advise here.

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There are quite few ways of doing it in Photoshop.
Image->Adjustments->Variations will give you a bunch of picture choices, so you can see what the result will be before you choose it. Also, there are the burn and dodge tools if you want to selectively alter the exposure on certain parts of the photo. Image->Adjustments->Curves and Image->Adjustments->Levels are also very effective. Like I've said, the are many ways to do this, so make a copy of the photo and try them out.

If the shots are REALLY underexposed, there may be only so much you can do.

Good Luck!

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