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    Melbourne with Leica Q

    nice pictures :)
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    Sony A6300, finally!

    Still loving this baby till date!! Wanna get more lens but wallet cannot take it! lol Next pictorial soon!
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    Sony A6300, finally!

    Can I check if your camera is set to PAL or NTSC? Thanks
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    Any drone community?

    Been flying with the DJI Phantom, but had since sold it off and upgraded to the Inspire 1. Loving every bit of it. Was checking how is the community in Singapore, like any from here? So far the regulation had been very... I would say 'silent' about the operation of drones. As far as I know...
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    Put me Down!!

    This shot was taken during a climb up a Mountain at Vietnam. The climb was a steep one. It took us about an hour to reach the designated peak. The weather was not favourable, it was raining and the terrain was wet and muddy. We managed to reach the peak. This shot caught his terrified expression...
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    Timeshare is harassing me once again!

    referring to this thread Yep... They are back again. After 10 years. They now wanna sue me once again. Anyone still in this shi*t? Any advise on how to follow up? Thanks
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    Man Utd XII: Legacy continues with Historic No.19 n still Counting...

    Utd lost to a better team.... Not even trying!
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    Instilling that 1st Spark

    The pail and the cloth ? behind sorta .... to me is a distraction.
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    how many are jumper from other brand?

    me is SONY> SONY> CANON!
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    a Son day Out

    Outing with my son, shot quite a few pictures. Just to share one :) Alittle PS work on the softness. The top right dark area noted.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Sad Santa to be?
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    Two Women

    ehhhhh... Sure ya want honest critique ??
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    EOS 7D user,information sharing thread.

    Same here! Loving this baby!
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    Cityscape (Esplanade)

    Sharpness? Ok. That sky was done on purpose :)