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    Sb 900

    posted before. see thread below
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    S ä q i r l t . R e n d e z v o u s - Wake Up With Her

    u'll betray yr age! btw nice juice newton song
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    Entry Level DSLR Recommendation.

    I disagree. Once you have the d40 and you will know the differences. The iso performance is pretty good up to 1600. having a DSLR is having the flexibility of a DLSR system; add on flashes, lens options, more responsive camera, etc. the only constrain is the price point (actually it is so close...
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    Nikon User Kopi Session - 16 Jan Evening ?

    wasted! not free that day :(
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    Nikon User Kopi Session - 16 Jan Evening ?

    err parking at the flyer opposite is a killer if i am not wrong :bigeyes:
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    Love U by futagoza

    sorry to nitpit face = luv u body = stay yr distance hor think the two models tried hard but can tell they are not close .... hence not too convincing as per yr theme :) btw the usual comment will be that the legs chopped off, seemed over sharpened, blemish on guy's hand shld be ps...
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    SB800 Vs SB900

    if i am not wrong sd-8a can be used on the sb900. sd-9 cannot be used on the older models. look at what it can do :bigeyes: sd-9 manual pg.20 eneloop x8 recycling time 1sec flashes 520 lithium x8 recycling time 1.4sec flashes 840
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    External Battery Pack

    using AA ni-mh eneloop according to the specs, SD-9 min recycling time is 0.8sec 520 flashes!
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    Help needed with Remote Firing on SB900

    think there is a miscom when the manual mentioned it will not fire, it means it only triggers the pre-flash which will set off the remote; i.e. picture will not register the main flash. the only exception is the su-800 will utilizes infra red to trigger.
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    wow :bigeyes: nat geo moment!
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    Yellow cast in image

    could it be the flourescent lighting?
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    Nikon 70-300 VR

    ot a little :heart: the cats!!!!!
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    Nikon AFS 17-35mm vs 14-24mm

    ha ha same thinking here. mount 24-70 on fx, 17-55 on dx for events. get the 14-24 when u need to go really wide. 17-35 is to be considered if u fix it on your d700 most of the time.
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    Nikon User D700 Kopi Session - 25 Jul Fri - BK Millennia Walk

    wah piang lim kopi also need a bigger location :bigeyes:
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    Linda Loves Lighting

    nice work. model looked at ease