[Youtube] Amazing 5 year old blind pianist.

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Dec 11, 2006
Woah...i'm very touched by this talented little girl. I would have love to give her the extra 5 points to get a full score!

I hope that she can get a good piano mentor to help her spread her wings to fly! It is such a rarity for a music prodigy to be blind. Being a pianist myself, I feel that playing the piano without sight can actually improve your listening capabilities and also fingering accuracy. Many pianist in CS will know that looking (continuosly) at the keyboard when playing either means you're not familiar with the music or just plain lazy.

My only worry is that because of such talent, she might not enjoy a childhood and be subjected to the stresses and demands of the musical world on her. In light of the recent news regarding a child prodigy fallen to the prostitution, I hope that this little pianist will live life to the fullest!

A possible rare type of person they call a Savant. There is this blind man who was born without sight since birth in Europe that is able to draw buildings. townscape very accurately and not only that..just by feeling the building was able to draw the building in perspective. Just last 2 month National Geaographic had a series on people like that. But there are problems with people like that too....given such abilities something is taken away by nature or by the people that "encourage" them...aka pushy parents. Quite a few grew up with social problems. I hope she does not have to endure something like that...but most do sadly. There are institution to help those "gifted" few hope there is one in Korea.



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Jul 26, 2007
amazing... hope there will be someone to nurture her talent...

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