YEP Expedition to India - Looking 4 photographers!

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Hello everyone!

I'm leading a Youth Expedition Project to Bangalore in May-Jun '04, and my team is currently looking for someone with professional/relevant photographic experience to join us. A rough outline of project:

Name of Proj: Freedom From Toil 2
When: 23rd May - 12th June
Where: Bangalore (India)
Cost: S$550 for first-time YEP participants aged 17-30, S'pore citizen/PR

This is an arts-based expedition to explore the local social issue of alcoholism thru the method of forum theatre. The photographer(s) will document down the processes of the trip, and a photo/video documentary of an award-winning local school is to be shot. Costs of film/processing will be covered by project funding.

Interested? Pls drop me a line at or a call at 94577550 asap.

seems like YEP is going everywhere...i met a group in sikkim yuksum last nov2003. they were livinging tentages...while there were still so many guesthouses around but unoccupied. ;p

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