[Xing Asia] 12th ~ 20th July 2014 : Journey to Silk Road, China

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May 19, 2003
[Xing Asia] July 2014 Journey to Silk Road, China

Depart: 12th July 2014, Saturday
Return: 20th July 2014, Sunday
Price from: SGD1,790 (Twin share) / SGD2,090 (Single)
Group Size : 8min /16 max
Open to Clubsnap members and public

- Dunhuang was established in 111 BC. It also became an important gateway to the West as a centre of commerce along the Silk Road, as well as a meeting place of various people and religions such as Buddhism.
- Mogao Caves is a system of Buddhist cave temples near the city of Dunhuang. They were a center of culture on the Silk Road from the 4th to the 14th centuries and contain a religious artworks spanning that entire period. 3rd heritage site in China to be inscribed on UNESCO list.
- Gobi desert is most notable in history as part of the great Mongol Empire, and as the location of several important cities along the Silk Road.
- Yadan National Geological Park and Devil town are famous for its largest scale of landforms with unique rock formations developed over a period of 700,000 years.
- Crescent Lake is an oasis Gobi desert, which is surrounded the numerous sand dunes. Camel ride and sunset opportunities at Mingshashan sand dunes.
- Colourful rock formations in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, where rows of reddish rock formations streaked in pink, white, yellow, grey and green.
- Jiayuguan, the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China, is one of the most intact surviving ancient military building in China.
- Largest salt water lake in China, Qinghai Lake offers unique landscape and important ecological position.

Day 1 (-) : Arrive Lanzhou in the noon/evening, the capital city of Gansu province. Check in hotel and rest. Visit Lanzhou antique market in the evening, and walk along Zheng Ning street for the snack food for dinner. Overnight at Lanzhou.

Day 2 (B/L/D) : After breakfast travel to Xining and visit Kumbum Monastery. A Tibetan Buddhism monastery with rich repository of Tibetan culture and art. After lunch, arrive at Qinghai lake. Opportunity to photography the largest interior salt water lake in China. Overnight at Qinghai lake area.

Day 3 (B/L/D) : Sunrise at Qinghai lake. After breakfast, activities around the lake. Continue journey crossing river and arrive at Chaka salt water lake. The lake is not only famous for producing salt, but also for the unique landscapes in the area. Overnight at Delingha, a town located at Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Day 4 (B/L/D) : After breakfast, travel to Dunhuang by driving through the Gobi desert. The Gobi is most notable in history as part of the great Mongol Empire. Arrive Dunhuang by evening, overnight at Dunhuang.

Day 5 (B/L/D) : Morning visit to Yadan National Geological Park, Great Wall ruins, Yumen Pass (Pass of the Jade Gate). After lunch and rest, track down to Crescent Lake, an oasis of Mingshashan sand dunes. Photo shoot the came track during sunset. Overnight at Dunhuang.

Day 6 (B/L/D) : Spend the morning and noon at Mogao Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with exquisite Buddhist art and manuscripts. Travel to Jiayuguan in late noon, overnight at Jiayuguan.

Day 7 (B/L/D) : After breakfast, visit Jiayuguan, first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China. Photo shoot at Zhangye Danxia Geographic park. Overnight at Zhangye.

Day 8 (B/L/D) : Drive along Qilian Mountains bordering between Qinghai and the Gansu provinces, with few stops for photo shoot of the landscape and the blossom of cole flower. Overnight at Lanzhou.

Day 9 (B) : Free and easy in the morning, and depart to Lanzhou airport.

Pacakge Inclusions :
- Fully private tour in vehicle
- 8 nights accommodation at comfortable hotel
- All entrance fees, permit, ticket to Sinulog Festival
- All meals as per itinerary above
- Xing Asia tour leader / photography assistance
- Clubsnap members privilege : Basic single trip travel insurance

Exclusions :
- International flight to Lanzhou, China (Participants to purchase flight tickets only upon trip confirmation)
- Visa entry to China (if applicable)
- Additional beverages (including alcohol) not included in meals
- Any other incidental expenses incurred by participants

Weather :
- Lanzhou temperature : 29° / 17°
- Dunhunag temperature : 32° / 16°

Fitness :
- Able to carry own photography equipment and personal chores

Gear :
- Wide angle to mid range tele
- Graduated neutral density filter, Circular Polarizer (CPL), Tripod
- Spare camera, battery, and charger

Flight Detail :
Suggested airline and flight detail as follow :
- Airline : Air China
- Price : Online promotion from SGD600 to SGD850 onwards
- Depart : Saturday 12 Jul 2014 / CA970 / 0015 / 0610
- Depart : Saturday 12 Jul 2014 / CA1277 / 1050 / 1315
- Return : Sunday 20 Jul 2014 / CA1274 / 1120 / 1340
- Return : Sunday 20 Jul 2014 / CA969 / 1525 / 2145

- SGD700 non refundable deposit
- Remaining balance to be made 1 month before departure
- If the trip is cancelled by organiser, fully refund

- Organised Xing Asia, Singapore licensed travel agent with ISO9001:2008 certification
- contact me by private message or
- email to info@xing-asia.com

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May 19, 2003
The trip is confirmed, The ticket bough is approx. SGD790.


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Jan 10, 2010
I did the same itinerary with a local Gansu company on my own last June. It is a long 3300km round trip journey and the starts to get more interesting after reaching Dunhuang and the return leg, so save your energy at the beginning. You generally can't take photos inside the Kumbum monastery (or any Tibetan monastery in China)and all cameras (and bags) have to be deposited outside the Mogao caves. There are 6 replica caves inside the museum just outside the Mogao caves, you can try to sneak some pictures there instead. You will be guided throughout the cave complex seeing about 10 caves, randomly selected by the guide depending on the crowd. A new visitor centre was being set up a distance away from the caves; the idea was to show videos and lower the number of caves open for visitors, not sure if it's ready. At ZhangYe, you can walk between the bus stops if you are fit (very hilly) and have enough time. Do watch the ZhangYimou movie 三枪拍案惊奇 ( A woman, a gun and a noodle shop) to appreciate Zhangye better. The dilapidated noodle shop is still there.

This trip is highly recommended not only for photographers but also for 深度旅行者.You are also in good hands with Michael.


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May 19, 2003
Few seats left, also looking for a single lady participant to share for twin basis.


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Nov 25, 2008
I can, also, recommend this trip as one will get a different "feel" of China from the normal usual places. Landscapes aplenty but also there is a historical, cultural and religious past. Hope this small photo can tilt some to sign up.

Taken with the Tokina 11-16mm @11mm. CPL.

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