WTSell: Tripod - Manfrotto 190CX3 with 424RC2 ball head

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Equipment Type: Tripod
Equipment Brand: Manfrotto
Equipment Model: 190CX3 with 424RC2 ball head
Price (S$): $280
Too many queries and no commitment, so rehashing the ad.

Bought 14th July 2012 - registered online. Misplaced the receipt though but have email showing when it got registered after buying from Cathay Photo.

Bought for urgent last minute use that very night for company annual dinner. Found it not right for my height overtime (1.82m). You balance between carrying a light tripod versus having to hunch over most times. There are people who don't mind the trade off. And since having a a D4 now, its a little light for it besides the hunching.

Very good condition as rarely - used like new. Never dropped or knocked about as I had always wanted to sell for sometime but busy with work. Already got a 055CX3 recently so time to sell since I also own 4 other specialty tripods.

The ball head is bought new from Cathay Photo in August 2012. I used to mount my D300 and heavy lens without much vibration issue. In almost mint condition.

Usually I am not worry about warranty given Manfrotto's reputation for reliable products and parts. If you are anal about warranty, stop reading now.

Tripod is sold AS IS.

View at Eunos MRT or at a location of my choosing in central town area. If deal at Eunos MRT, willing to let go for $260 NONE NEGOTIABLE. Low Ballers and sly low ballers can keep your distance.

Real Name: Sammy Tan
Contact Number: 912 zero 2 zero 2 one (whatsapp preferred)
Email Address: upshot8888@gmail.com

Condition of Item: 10
Warranty Status: -

Tripod is sold "AS IS" without a box (Am a photographer, not a box collector) , Just the Tripod as is and Ball Head with the non-branded basic sling strap given by Cathay Photo.

Ball head for my D4 with 14-24MM works without problem but BEST a larger ball head for more delicate long exposures. But if your gear is not as heavy as a Pro Body with a pro lens you are fine with this ball head. This is a very reliable and long lasting tripod system and anyone who shoot as long as me ( I still have a aluminium leg 190 that's bought in the 80s) will not make an issue about its reputation for taking a beating..even the carbon fiber ones.

Additional Comments:
Read up on this tripod at manfrotto website. http://www.manfrotto.com/190cx-carbon-fibre-3-section-tripod

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