WTSell: Lens - Other Nikkor 28mm f3.5 for Leica M


Dec 6, 2008
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Lens

Brand: Other

Short Description: Nikkor 28mm f3.5 for Leica M

Price (S$): 829

Condition of Item(s): 10

Detailed Description:
Nikkor’s LTM glass has always been high regarded and this has held up well, giving the user a very nice vintage look for their images in a tiny compact package. Owning its distinctive characteristics as compared to Leica, it has a pleasing draw to it and creates an interesting drama that worked very well in both color and monochrome.

In the past when I was still shooting in digital format, huge gears were “in”. The larger the lens, the more “professional” it shouts. In essence, if your lens is as huge as WRX’s exhaust, it usually means you are a “photographer”.

Well, I have dusted that off my mind, and in fact the lighter the lens is, the better it works for me. I really don’t want to lug a few kilos round my neck, and I certainly don’t want others to know I am shooting.

These oldies yet goodies are highly sort after glass and if they are on sale, it trends at $1.4grand+ excluding freight and taxes.

Glass is very clean and sharp across all apertures. Comes with a third party rear cap and adaptor.

* Do note that this is not the regular and is a copy of the rarer version, which is distinguished from the red lettering.

* Does not come with camera.

Transaction at Eco Sanctuary (Hillview) or Jurong East MRT Station or mutually agreed venue.

Name: Blackmafia

Phone Number:
9145 1766 (Whatsapp or SMS only)