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Apr 29, 2006
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: and other 3rd party lens
Price (S$): stated below
Lens Sales Letting go of many canon/sigma/zeiss/pentax/leica/tamron lens w/ adaptor for canon (optional)

Letting go of some good canon lens here as well. Those who know me will remember that i periodically go to canon to service/calibrate lens, to make sure they are giving the best resolution, sharpness, optical quality that is possible for that particular model. The lens here are all working perfectly. Selling to reorganise my range of gears, some because i had changed to another model with similar focal length etc.

2. Canon 55-200mm F4-5.6 USM

Image taken with lens:

Selling only $250. Note that a while back it was still seling for $399 as special offer when bundled to any set. Its replaced with the 55-250, but that lens is an EFS, cant be used only 1.3X or fullframe.

7. Tamron 11-18mm F4.5-5.6 Ultra wide angle Mint condition with box manual etc.

Selling only $550.

Very nice and affordable ultra wide angle lens, compare to the canon's EFS 10-22 the advantage is its ability to be mounted onto fullframe and 1.3X bodies. Of cos its not a fullframe lens, but on 1.3X canon 1D, it can be used 13mm onwards without vignette. The wide angle performance at 11mm is pretty impressive and gives really different perspective. Good for first timers venturing into the ultra wide region below 18mm..

Images taken with this fantastic lens on a 40D:

Putting up a good portion of my Zeiss collection of lens for sale. This are all fantastic lens that should be in the hands of photographers who can appreciate them. Selling in order to clear stuff and make space as all my dry cabs are full.

These lens can be used on contax body, or via adaptors onto olympus/canon bodies. I usually use with adaptor on my 5D, 40D and 1D. The lens below DO NOT come with adaptors but if buyers are keen i can help them get good deals for adaptors.


1. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 50mm F1.7 Made in Japan (a few viewings over weekend)

One of the best 50mm produced. The usual mass produced nikon and canons are definitely not up to such precise engineered and produced lens. Within the zeiss primes ranges, esp for people shots, this is my 3rd favourite, after the 35F1.4 and 85F1.4 (keeping them for the moment unless good offers come along).

Although a small little lens (smaller than the canon 50f1.8 in fact), it is definitely a performer. Reviews have rated its optical quality better than the 50f1.4 (google them). Some tests also reveal that the actual amount of light passing thru is more than a F1.7 lens, closer to F1.5

There are also numerous comparisons under extreme condition of zeiss, leica, canon, nikon and other brands of 50mm. Google them and read to understand why the zeiss is so highly rated.

Lens in very good condition, both optically and exterior.

A shot taken with it:

Excellent contrast, and extremely sharp where it is focused on.

Letting go for only $320.

2. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 50mm F1.4 Made in Japan (a few viewings over weekend)

Widely acclaimed Zeiss planar 50F1.4, this is the good old one that made the name. The newer nikon ZF ones are just reproductions, not inferior but different... As expected from a zeiss T* lens of course, very nice sharp contrasty colours. Fabulous for low light usage with its very nice F1.4 large aperture. For those very nice thin depth of field shots, low light shooting, portraits etc, this has got to be the lens.

Images taken with this excellent piece of glass:

Check out the bokeh, thin depth of field and contrast.. it has to be a zeiss F1.4 lens

Good condition, selling at only $400.

2 Best contax zoom lens in CY mount, the 35-70 and the 28-85 both are fantastic performers in their own field. The 28-85 gives a larger range with 28mm at the wide end while the 37-70 is smaller, constant aperture and has a fantastic macro mode at 35mm. Both perform extremely well, beautiful micro contrast, bokeh and sharp wide open, to the extent primes may lose out to them in quality.

Read online discussions here.





Alot more, just google.

i can assure that the quality of L lens pale in comparison to these..

3. Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 3,4 / 35-70 Made in Japan (a few viewings over weekend)

Some of the reviews online on this lens:

" Very sharp and compact zoom with constant aperture. Its performance is in par with prime lenses. Zooming mechanism is silky smooth without zoom creep. It outperforms the Zeiss 28-70 VS in sharpness. Its macro function (1:4) is very good."

" An excellent compact zoom lens from Zesis. Picture is typical zesis taste. Very good lens build. My standard lens on Aria."

" Summary:
as good as the Leica zoom; much better than canon L zoom; comparable to nikon 50/1.2 when set to 50 mm focal length; now the price goes down to only about US$ 500 -----

possibly the best standard zoom "

" Summary:
This is an excellent Zoom which can compete with the best primes on the market also in case of flare!!!(just 10 elements).You shouldn't complain about the limited zoom-range, therefore it's light and compact compared to the VS28-85. And finally: Don't underestimate the macro-setting!

Very sharp and contrasty from f8,0-22.
Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Excellent close focussing ability (25cm) delivering top notch results. Overall it's as good as the best primes!!! "

My own experience with this lens is fantastic as well. Only complains is that it could be abit wider, but paired with my 16-35L, the combi is perfect. One of my favourite walk around lens as well. The macro setting, though only at 35mm, goes really darn close and gives a very very nice bokeh for macro, putting designated macro lens to shame. Selling as i have 2 copies of it, letting go one.

Shots taken with it:

Shots above shows how far the lens zooms, and also the micro contrast of the lens.

Sharpness of the lens is fantastic. Very high resolution. It most probably wont even be out resolved by the 20+MP 1Ds mark3 unlike normal consumer lenses.

Zoomed in crop:

Lens in very good condition. Priced at only $700.

4. Carl Zeiss T* Vario Sonnar 40-80mm F3.5

Check out their description and how much its being sold online by looking at these ebay ads:



Another very outstanding zeiss optics lens with very nice deep deep colours and saturation. A very good mid range lens to go with the zeiss 80-200 as well. Filter ring only 55mm, thus able to get filters very cheaply. A compact little wonder.

Images taken with this lens:

Lens in totally MINT condition.Selling only $750.

5. Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 3,3-4.0 / 28-85 Made in Japan

Only thing about this lens is that its rather big, with the front taking 82mm filters, but of cos, the build is really solid and respectable.

gives a very nice range from wide at 28mm to tele at 85mm.

Some online reviews on it:

The best zoom ever made? lots of us think so. Consider the primes lenses this zoom would replace in your camera bag: 28 f/2.8, 35 f/2.8, 45 f/28, 50 f/1.7 and the 85 f/2.8. The amazing part is, its nearly impossible todistinguish between images made by this zoom and the afore mentioned primes. With enough enlargement, the primes eventually win the day, but not by much. The lens is a chunk, and carrying it around on an RTSIII with a full load of AA batteries is no joy. The front element rotates during focus, its some what quirky in that the zoom is fully extended at 28mm and fully retracted at 85mm. I'm not a fan of zoom lenses, I think they turn people into lazy tourist photographers (no offense meant to the lazy tourist photographers out there) Fixed focal lengths make you move around alot more and you spend more time composing your shot. I make the exception with this lens because the image quality is stunning.

quite capable of kicking major booty on other manufactures prime lenses everday of the week and twice on Sunday with one of its T* coated lenses tied behind its back.

yeah its heavy, the front element rotates, it requires a huge thin polarizer. What would Arnie think if he heard you whining like that? don't be a girly man (or woman) "

" Summary
This lens is the real deal! I have five Contax prime lenses and and am extremely happy with all of them. Decided that I neede a zoom in this range and took the financial plunge and bought a new one (searched for several months and could not find a used one anywhere, and now I know why).
This lens is extremely well made and tack sharp at all ranges. I'm not going to make comparisons, but if you are just getting into the manual Contax line, let this be your primary lens in the 28-85 range. I will keep my primes that fall in this range, but this zoom stays on one of my bodies ALL the time. Get the Contax lens hood and a thin filter, either Heliopan or B&W. The Contax filter is not made by the Contax company and are not up to par with the companies previously mentioned.

SHARP at all focal points. Excellent build quality."

" Summary
This has to be the best zoom lens made. It even auto-focuses with the Contax AX, what more can I ask?"


Hardly any complain about the lens except for the size and large front.

Shots taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Priced at only $900.[Shops in peninsular sells much more than that]


Like the other 2 Carl Zeiss above, this is an amazing zoom. how so? image quality, sharpness, contrast is as good as other zeiss primes, but better than alot of 3rd party primes. No sh!t, this lens easily puts many of today's modern lens like canon70-200F4L and F2.8L to shame. One look at the front, you can see from the coating that this is one serious lens. I remember that back about 10yrs back, around 1999 to 2000, this lens was going for about 900 USD, with the conversion back and shipping then, it probably worked to about 2K SGD, a much wished for but out of reach lens. Built wise as the other reviews online say, is seriously solid with being excessively heavy. The fact that its a pull push design makes it a joy to zoom and focus at the same time. This lens, like other fine raved about lens, has a nickname, "stovepipe".

I have sold off 2 pieces of this lens before, both photographers who bought the lens were impressed by its image quality. you cant go wrong with this lens.

Reviews here:


Shots taken with this amazing better than primes lens:

More reviews on the 80-200F4, its seriously a damn good lens, putting primes to shame.




Lens in very good condition, can tell its been very carefully used.
Letting go at only $850.

8. Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 135mm F2.8

Another very high quality, highly rated Zeiss lens in CY mount at affordable price. This lens produce image quality comparable to its leica counterpart and the short telephoto makes it really excellent for shooting portrait. Images are very good wide open and users can easily go with F2.8 for everyshot without worrying about sharpness and resolution. Contrast is very good, the bokeh is beautiful, its one of the reasons why this lens is well liked.

Images taken with this beautiful lens:

Lens in MINT condition. Good as brand new. Letting go at only $600.

10. IMAGE Multi-Coated 28mm F2.8 Made in Korea

Small lens, similar to the tokina one. Was quite surprised when i first got it, didnt know the koreans made lens back in the old days too.. mounted it onto the 5D via adaptor and got a pleasant surpise with its quality. Sure you cant compare it to top end 28mm lenses like the leica's but for its price its really decent. Brought it out for trips, its about time to let go to make space.

Taken by this lens:

Lens in MINT condition. Selling cheap at only $80.

Leica lens. Definitely the best money can buy in the market. Rarely will you find these good lens for sale here in CS, not to mention a full range available here. The Leica Rs here are the best manual lens i have tried, they combine the best of sharpness wide open, excellent micro contrast (with the images popping up at your face) and colours (leicas are reputed for that), not to mention the built of the lenses. Please note as well the prices stated are the best i can let go for. I am hestitant to let go of these good lens for sure and in no hurry to sell, thus hopefully really appreciative buyers come along.

1. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 28mm F2.8

The BEST 28mm lens there is, along side with the nikon AIS 28mm F2.8, all the rest pales in comparison. I dare to make this statement as i have used at least 20 other 28mm lens before. Fantastic condition as well. Just take a simple shot anywhere and you will see subject practically jumping up at you. Built wise also best among the usual canon, nikon, olympus... the only lens will comparable built is the made in Germany Zeiss.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $900.

2. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 35mm F2.8

Hood not included. Shown above are images from only. set for sale here in much better condition.

Similar to the 28mm, very sharp wide open, great micro contrast and fantastic colours. I have done comparisons with similar focal length and pixel peep.. the colours produced from the leicas are totally different. Not only on film, even in better dslr, a difference can be seen. 35mm is also good on cropped bodies as a "normal" lens. I have this lens mounted on my 1D and 40D very often.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $750.

4. Leitz Wetzlar Summicron - R 50mm F2

Despite being an F2 lens compared to the F1.8 and F1.4 offered by other brands, this lens performs exceptionally well at F2 wide open. As shown below, it trives well in low light condition and give very 3D-ish images. Great for using as a normal lens on a FF body and a portrait lens ( the wedding studio shot below was taken using the 50F2 wide open using only the modelling light of our strobes at wide open F2 on a cropped 40D body ). If you are looking for just one good 50mm in your prime collection, this has to be it.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in good condition. Letting go at only $600.

5. Leitz Wetzlar Summilux - R 50mm F1.4

Image above taken from online.

This is absolutely the BEST 50mm F1.4. Nothing else compares to it, i have tested it against 50F1.4 USM, 50F1.2L, pentax, olympus, zeiss 50F1.4 but none of them gives the kind of sharpness, resolution at wide open F1.4, when i zoom in 100% of cos. It is like comparing prints from a ink jet printer and a laser printer.

Some images taken with it:

Sorry that my shots aint able to really bring out the prowess of this monster.

Lens in good condition. Selling for only $1250. Note that others are selling 1500 to 1600.

7. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 90mm F2.8

Shown above are images from only. set for sale here in much better condition.

Good performance like the 90f2, but 1 stop slower of course. Still, its a leica. image quality and built still way more advance than similar focal length lenses available. Images produced with this lens tends to be high in contrast as well, not forgetting to mention, its sharp wide open and gives the 3D effect in images. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:

Exterior slight usage marks. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $800. Noted that 2nd hand shops are selling about 1100 locally.

8. Leitz Wetzlar Summicron - R 90mm F2

Shown above are images from only. set for sale here in much better condition.

On of the best portrait lens in this range. My experience is that its slightly better than the nikon 85f1.4 and zeiss 85f1.4 and comparable to the 85f1.2L stopped down. Bokeh is also fantastic on this lens, which is rather heavy for its size and really built like a tank. no need more introduction, just search online to read more on it.Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $1200.

9. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 135mm F2.8

Another good lens from leica, the only other contender in this range is the 135F2L, which is larger is size but not as well built. Bokeh is beautiful, making it fabulous both half and full body shots. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $750. Price lowered, very good price for a good tele fast leica portrait lens.

10. Leitz Wetzlar Elmar - R 180mm F4

Take one shot wide open and in focus with this lens, you will know its a gem. The colours, micro contrast, 3D feel of the lens are all amazing. Of course the leica 180f2.8 would be better, but that would easily cost 3 times the price, and be much heavier/bulky. This lens is only slightly longer than the 135, ideal for carrying around with. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $900.

Have got another SUPER RARE "SAFARI" camou green version. Hardcore leica fans will know how rare it is, possibly 99% of photographers might not even have seen it. Even if you are willing to pay more i doubt you can find a second copy in Singapore. Good lens with clean optics and in MINT condition. Easily pass off as new. Letting go at only $1200

11. Leitz Elmarit - R 180mm F2.8

Image taken off E bay, the one sold here in way better condition.

Another dream leica lens, The sharpness, contrast, handling of this lens is superb. Just feeling the weight of the metal on your hands, you get confidence. Its smaller than other 180mmF2.8 such as nikon's but weights alot more, due to the large chunk of metal and glass. The built in hood comes in very handy as well. The bokeh is darn creamy and nice, while still retaining very nice colours and contrast in images. Amongst the leica range, i should think only the 280mm F2.8 would produce better portrait. In short, its quite a holy lens.

Images taken with it:

Sorry for the lack of asthetic appeal of the shots, but ya, you should have gotten a rough idea the colours, contrast and sharpness of the lens. All taken with canon 5D.

Lens in very good condition. Selling only $1200. Before bargain please note that in peninsular, the 2nd hand shop near cathay photo is selling the same lens, similar condition for 2 grand... $1200 is definitely a steal price.

12. Leitz Telyrt-R 250mm F4

Beautiful leica tele lens in mint condition. The lens is moderately sized and yet still has a good aperature for the focal length. definitely good to use for portraits, sports birding etc.. However its weight is not light, this is due to the very solid leica built, the brass metal parts used inside. This lens is not commonly seen, esp on in such mint condition. If it appears in those 2nd hand, it will always be price way higher than what i have got here.

The signature leica beautiful colours are there of cos, coupled with the sharpness wide open and contrast, this is a very nice lens to use. This lens is much more worth it than paying for a 300F4L

Images taken with it recently:

Selling at only $1000.

14. Leitz 75-200mm F4.5 VARIO ELMAR

Very sharp and contrasty Leica R mount lens. uses pull push design, very good for manual focusing. This lens is highly comparable to canon's 70-200F4L, but has much better built, image quality and of course, the Leica name. Its good for anything from walkabout, to macro with extension tubes to portraits.

Leica Vario-Elmar-R 75-200mm f/4.5 telephoto zoom lens. Made in Japan. One ring pro-zoom. 3 focusing cam. Built-in lens hood. Multicoated glass. Perfect fit for the Leica R3, R4, R4s, R5, R6, R7, Leica RE and Leica 6.2. Will work on Leica R8 or Leica R9 as "stop-down" metering only. Could be use on Canon EOS Digital cameras with proper adapter. Filter size is E55. Close focusing from 4 feet or 1.2 meter. Aperture range from f/4.5 to f/22. Lens is in Ex++ or 9.9 of 10 cosmetic condition. No DENTS or DINGS. Clean glass. Perfect coating. Smooth focusing. Smooth and precise zooming. Good working aperture. Smooth and CLEAN aperture blades. Original caps. Nice and light weight "every day" telephoto zoom lens.

The amount of details it actually maintains on the eagles's head is amazing.

Lens in totally MINT unused condition. Good as buying it brand new. Selling only $800. All 2nd hand shops locally selling this lens more than 1K, 1100 the lowest i have seen, for condition not as mint as this piece here.

Below listed at all MANUAL FOCUS lens

Reason for sale is simple, to make space for new lens, there is only so many lens one can own. Reposting to keep an update on what lens is still available.

Note regarding manual focusing on nikon DSLR:

Metering: For higher end bodies like D3, D2X, D700, D300, D200, there is a coupling function which you can set the focal length and largest aperture. The Camera body is then able to detect the change in aperture and records into the exif data for future referencing. With this, users can shooting in aperture piority mode, which shutter speed are determined by the camera, but can still be adjusted with exposure compensation.

Focusing: ALL nikon bodies, from highest end D3 to entry level D40, has Focus confirmation. Which is actually the little yellow dot at the bottom of the left of the viewfinder. By selecting the focus point on the viewfinder and placing it over the subject to shoot, then manual focusing till it appears, one can ensure sharp, in focus images. On newer bodies, D90, D300, D700, D3, Liveview function allows user to zoom in 5X or 10X at any point of the frame, and manual focus till the subject seen in clear focus before hitting the shutter release. One can ensure sharp, in focus images in this way. D60 actually has a digital range finder to assist in focusing.

3. AI Nikkor 24mm F2.8 Wide angle

Selling this very nice 24mm wide angle lens. according to some online resources, every 24mm f2.8 including this one actually has CRC (for very good performance close up). This is the magic formula behind the high performing AIS 28f2.8, AIS 35F1.4, AFD 60F2.8 macro and a few others. As shown below, this is a small lens that takes very nice scenery. the perspective is about just nice, not to be too distorted. Lens is sharp wide open, very good performance even close up. in the days of the manual lens, 24mm usually escalates in price and cost alot more. 28 to 24mm sees a significant jump in price, 18mm onwards its a 4 figure price.

Images taken with it:

Letting go this good lens at only $350.

4. AI Nikkor 28mm F2.0 ultra fast wide angle

Another highly sought after lens, this is one of the fastest wide angle during the manual focus generation. Being a wide 28mm lens, it only takes 1/30s for a non shake shot, with the F2.0 large aperture, it is truely a low light lens, and can be used in low lighting conditions such as wedding dinner in hotels. It stands along side with 35f1.4, 50f1.2, 85f1.4, 105f1.8 and 135f2 as the aperture side limit for their range, during the manual nikon lens days. Well worth the money as its pretty much a collector's item too. I rarely see it sold locally and i got my from US. Sharp and usable wide open.

Recent shots with it:

Note the closeup wide angle perspective with the thin depth.

Sharp, contrastly, wide angle shot with thin depth of field? this has to be the lens.
Selling for $450. Good condition. Solid lens with nikon's CRC (few nikon lens has this). Well worth the money.

5. AIS 28mm F2.8
Not to be confused with the E series 28f2.8 and AI 28f2.8, this lens is given fantastic reviews and sought after by many. I have sold the 28f2.8 E at $150 and AI 28F2.8 at $200+, but this is totally different. Had been asked many time, now finally have a copy to let go. More than just wide open sharpness and contrast, flare control is fantastic and images have a more 3D touch to it. Well, it has been rated full marks and decribe as one of nikon's best by a good few review sites, just google.
If you need a reason why i am selling, i am moving on to the leica R mount one. Perhaps not as good or just comparable, but way more expensive for sure.

An image taken recently:

Slight user marks. some marks on coating, thus lowering to only $350.

36. AI 28mm F3.5 Perspective Control

Very nice nikon perspective control lens here for sale. A real gem for interiors and architecture. you can get this, or spend about $2500 to but the nikon's TS 24mm... which is still manual focus. Even not as a PC lens, its gives very decent sharpness and contrast wide open at F3.5 corner sharpness, light falloff etc.. are all not a problem even on fullframe bodies.

Here is what it can do:

No correction applied. This is what a normal 28mm will look like.

+1 correction applied. This is the desired result but tilting the lens but about half the max in one direction.

+2 correction applied. This is past the desired amount of tilting. But in the case where user is standing too low, it will correct to the desired results above.

-1 correction applied. This half the max tilting, in the other direction. It makes the wide angle effect more dramatic.

-2 correction applied. This is max tilting in the opposite direction from the desired one. useful if shooting from top down. the wide angle effect most dramatic.

All images taken with Canon 5D mark2 via adaptor.

Lens in good condition. Letting go at only $1000. Used shops are selling much higher than this. This price is also lower than the others in clubsnap. definitely worth the money.

6. AI 28mm F3.5 (SOLD - have a nikon 28mm F2.8 E series to let go cheap still)

Below is a description from MIR website:

" Manual Focus Nikkor 28mm f/3.5s wideangle lens

Compare this with the autofocus AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens group

Most often we would interelate lenses with a smaller aperture are of interior quality. No, I think the differences are mainly confined to applications and its ability to provide a better handling in low available light photography due to their constraint in maximum lens speed. Unfortunately, although in most cases, optical construction for "slower" lenses are much simpler in its design and not as complex as lenses with faster lens speed, manufacturers prefer to omit certain optical innovations in order to bring production cost down to make these lenses more affordable to users. The Nikkor 28mm f/3.5, first introduced in 1961 was the sole version among the three 28mm Nikkor lenses that has not been featured with the CRC system. However, other than that along with its slower lens speed of f/3.5 - this lens is also every inch a classic Nikkor lens !

And don't get fooled by its price or its dimension either. This lens is capable of delivering image quality that can rival some top performers within the Nikkor wideangle lens family. Naturally, performance when working at close focusing distance is not always its strength, but this lens can be also an excellent close up lens when used in combination with accessories such as Bellow Unit where it can achieve a high magnification comparable to the f/2.8 lens. This lens has gone through many stages of upgrades and could have perfected with its design over the years and that could attribute as one of the main reasons why it can deliver such impressive optical results.

If I can still recall events correctly, this fabulous lens has been phased out after the Nikkor came through its third phase of upgrade to AI-S during the early '80. If you have not getting a 28mm thus far and/or for any reasons you can only invest into a cheap lens at this focal length, this lens is on top on my recommendation list. Naturally, you can only get it in used condition and most published prices online are quite reasonable and with a stroke of luck, you may get one in a fine condition.
The AI-S version of this lens which was introduced in 1981 was retired from service two years later in March, 1983. It carries with an optical design of 6 elements in 6 groups throughout and was believed to have gone through a minor optical re-arrangement back in 1975.

Technical Highlights: * Wide 74degrees picture coverage is suitable for sports, snapshots, candids, landscapes, and travel photography. * Exceptionally light - weighs only 220 grams. * Excellent choice for macrophotography - up to nearly 9X magnification is possible by mounting the lens in reverse on a bellows unit. * Takes popular 52mm filters."

Images taken with it:

Lens in good condition, selling only $140.

7. Ai-Nikkor 35 mm f/2.8 wideangle lens

Taken from MIR site:

" This tiny Nikkor wideangle lens has a standard 52mm filter attachment size and enables many standard 52mm Nikon lens accessories be used. It stops down to f/22 which provides a good depth of field control in scenic, landscapes, portraits and even for macro-flash or normal flash photography. For macro - it will also goes up to 7X magnification when reverse mounted on Nikon Bellow Unit. But this lens is so much economical than any other comparing Nikkor wideangles at 35mm focal length. Further, not to mention it has the most compact and lightest (merely 240g) in weight among all available 35mm Nikkor wideangle lens.

But strangely, despite it has cut down the number of lens elements from earlier 7 elements in 6 groups design to a simpler 5 elements in 5 groups optical arrangement at its last stage, the weight of this wideangle has increased significantly from mere 200g from those versions of early days to 240g - which is almost 20% increase. Whatever it is, it was a very popular wideangle lens favored by photographers as evidenced by the enormous amount of used lenses appearing at online auction sales and retail outlets which are specially selling used photographic equipment. "

Lens in good condition, is very light, you can easily keep in your pocket, no worries. Best of all you get very good performance wide open... Fantastic lens to be mounted on a cropped body, 35x1.5=52.5mm, the closest to the traditionally favoured normal/standard lens.

Selling cheaply at only $180.

10. AI Nikon Nikkor-S (C) Auto 1:1.4 f= 50mm standard lens

These shots are taken from online. The set for sale here is in better condition.

Its only of my fav lens... Mounted on the 5D this lens produces some very sharp images with fantastic depth... especially for low light shots, the feel is fantastic. Selling at only $250.

The Nippon Kogku 50mm, this lens is rather old but still in very good condition. Optics are still in great shape and shots produced are sharp at wide open, very usable at F1.4.. Its really great for low light shots such as this. As can see from the above, very contrasty and gives a great feel to shots.

7. AIS E series 50mm F1.8

Note the one selling here is the revised mark2 version with the metal ring above the aperture ring.

This is the closest to the nikon 45f2.8 pancake lens. This version is actually significantly thinner than the one with silver ring, optics wise exactly the same.

Mounted on a big DSLR like D200, it look almost not there, and feels barely there due to the weight.

Nothing special except sharp and contrasty even wide open at F1.8. Image Quality is better than the latest AFD 50F1.8 made in china. But it wont really matter if you dont usually pixel peep.

Image taken with it:

Decent lens for low light shot, esp if the f1.4 is too costly or heavy.

Good condition, clean optics, selling only $140.

11. Nikkor AIS 50mm f/1.8s

This is the more superior AIS version, not AI or E series. Built and image quality it is definitely better than the current plastic like AFD version. Size wise it s actually similar to the E series one, which is quite a pancake lens. Good for those who want a very small and light 50mm for travel and low lighting shots.

Images recently taken with it:

some wear on lens but overall good condition, selling at $140 only. This is the version that focus down to 0.45m

12. AI 50mm F2.0

50mm standard lens. the f2.0 is one of the most representative of each brand of lens maker, from ziess to leica to canon/nikon/olympus/minolta/pentax.. because 50mm is usually the more affordable large aperture prime lens and largest in volume sold, it tells alot about the standard of a lens maker and cannot be neglected for sure.
This piece by nikon proves to be worthy. Built is good, solid metal structure compared to the lighter E series one. As compared to the larger aperture F1.4, f1.2 50mm lens, the advantage of this is a lighter lens which is already very sharp wide open. no need to stop down at all. Good for anything from portrait to low light shots which brings out the "mood"

Random images taken with this lens.

Letting go at only $120.

13. AI 55mm F3.5 Macro

Very very sharp nikon macro lens. Took me quite a quite before deciding to sell. Good solid metal built, but light for its size as the glass is rather recessed inside, and small. As this is a macro lens, it does extend rather long.

Recent shot taken with it.

The thin Depth of field and defocus is beautiful. If one is into close up portraits, this is also one ideal lens.
Condition isnt mint, but functionality still perfect. Selling $220.

14. AIS 55mm F2.8 Macro

Very highly rated and regarded nikon manual macro lens. Do a search and you will find many good reviews on it. Image quality is damn good and like more nikon macro lens, its pin sharp wide open. Ideal for shooting nature, products and portraits.

One of my fav macro lens, here are some of the many shots taken with this lens at SBG

Exterior has some user marks, but functionality and glass still fantastic. Had been properly serviced before, and grease in focus ring change, thus focusing now is very smooth and nice. Selling $300.

15. Nikkor AI 55mm F1.2 Auto-S Ultra large aperture standard lens

Extremely large aperture at F1.2 largest by nikon so far. This lens may not be extremely sharp wide open, but it gives an extremely shallow depth of field with a light glow to it. That is definitely a characteristic of this lens. Fully usable on other brand bodies like canon 5D which i do, as it does have rear parts protruding out like the 50f1.2 also note the very large glass and weight of this lens. Glass in very good condition. Can be modified to AI mount for a slight top up only.

Shots taken with the lens:

Very nice low light lens.
Letting go at $550.

37. Nikon Nikkor-S Auto 1:1.4 f=5.8cm standard lens

" By the end of 1959 this mysterious lens was introduced. Some people believe that this lens, having 7 elements in 5 groups, wasn't produced by Nikon itself. This lens had a relatively short life. In less than 2 years it disappeared from the market. Total production is a mere 39,000 lenses, though it has variations, mainly in its markings on the distance scale. There are lenses with a scale in metres or in inches ......... or in both metres and inches! In March 1962 its ‘sister’ came on the market. A version of this lens has a "Patent Pending" inscribed on the metal lens barrel. " - Taken from MIR manual lens site

Simple seach on google yield these discussions:



The Nikon 5.8cm f1.4, this is one hell of a rare lens. Rarely appearing locally for sale, i believe that apart from one copy i brought in from US, no one else sold it here. For sure, this lens is real old and vintage. Based on description above this lens is easily at least 47 years old. now this is older than most of the people surfing this site. Despite that, the lens is still in perfect working condition and works perfectly on all nikon DSLR, and with adaptor on any canon / 4/3 / m43 bodies. Optically quality i shall not elaborate too much and let you read up for yourself, but my own experience with it on the canon 5d mark2 has been good, with alot of keeper shots.

Lens has used marks on exterior, glass is perfect. Letting go at a sweet price of only $550.

16. Ai 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor-H Auto telephoto lens

The 85mm is lovely for portrait and regarded as must have till cropped factor DSLRs come in of course.. the 85 remains a very good lens, in terms of bokeh and depth of field, 85f1.8 is comparable to 50f1.4.. an 85f1.8 on a FF body is about that of a 50f1.2 on a cropped body. I quite like this copy here as it gives good sharp images with good contrast wide open at F1.8

Quoted from MIR website: "The "moderate" 85mm focal length and the convenience of direct single lens reflex viewing with SLRs provides proper image magnification and natural perspective, making this lens among few favorite optic for those who often covers half length portraiture, theatrical photography and as well as in photojournalism. Many Nikon faithful have rated this lens highly for its high resolution and outstanding contrast produce across its entire aperture settings and focusing range"

Images shot with it:

Exterior some wear, glass perfect. Letting go at only $320.

17. Ai 85mm F2.0 Nikkor

Quote from MIR: "An excellent choice as your first telephoto lens. The original version of this Nikkor telephoto lens, can be dated back to Nikon rangefinder days, carried with it a rich and colorful background in the course of development of Nikon 35mm photographic system. I remembered once there was a gentleman wrote me a mail to protest and claimed I didn't featured this lens truthfully in an earlier attempt to create an article relates to this lens and he commented my ignorance as this Nikkor lens is one "best hidden secret" among the many lenses you can find in the Nikkor lens family. I cannot argue too much, because generally speaking, virtually all telephoto lenses in the Nikkor lens family are capable of delivering top rated optical excellence and they are usually also have excellent built quality. I have never doubt the Nikkor 85mm f/2.0 here is capable of matching any other top rated telephoto lenses produced by Nikon or even compared to lenses made by rivaling brands in delivering top notch optical results."

"The Ai-Spec series of this 85mm telephoto lens was first Introduced in 1977 while the last series of this manual focus version carries an Ai-S lens spec where it was introduced during late August, 1981. However, there are little difference in lens specifications for both of these series as the Ai-S lens was a direct upgrade from the AI version. Both versions are solidly built and like other Nikkor lenses produced those days, the quality feel is all over. The lens coating of its front lens element has a deeply pinkish cast, it clearly distinguishes itself from the previous AI version which has a greenish lens coating."

"Although this great manual focus telephoto lens does faced a difficult position to find a footing amidst the AF-evolution especially when a faster AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens was announced and started marketing in 1988. However, despite with such "intrusion" of the AF counterpart, this compact Nikkor manual focus telephoto lens still be able to find a way to be remained in Nikon product sales listing until year 1994 - that clearly show how much Nikon itself has treasure and rated this lens themselves ! However, when the AF-D Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens with an distance chip incorporated within its design for more complex form of exposure and metering require in many of the modern Nikon AF SLRs, this delightful manual focus 85mm telephoto lens was eventually being phased out in the year 1995."

Another well acclaimed nikkor optics. This 85F2 is a very compact little telephoto portrait lens. Without looking at the markings, one might even mistaken it for a 50mm. it uses 52mm filters as well. This lens is extremely sharp even wide open. contrast is really beautiful as well. Its really a good performer that should always be used at F2.0 for that creamy bokeh.

Images taken with this beautiful lens:

Lens in MINT condition. Selling at only $350.

14. AIS Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8s

Possibly the BEST nikon macro lens every made. This little lens is extremely sharp wide open, like all nikkor macro lens such as the 55f2.8 It allows for closer focus and gives beautiful bokeh. Whether for portrait, products or macro work, this is the lens to have. This lens is rather sought after and it took me a while to manage to get a copy to test and review on. The chrome knob proves to be a novel feature on this lens. Despite the features and large aperture, the lens remains small and portable. However it is significantly heavier than other similar focal length lens, reason is the very solid build, glass elements and alot of metal used.

Read more on it at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/companies/nikon/nikkoresources/micronikkor/105mmicrof28.htm

"Other than a faster maximum lens speed, the lens does has some lovely touch in its design. At the side f the lens, there is a chrome ring that allows you to lock any preset focusing distance. The lens has a very detail (and colourful) illustrations of various information relating to distance info in feet and meters, reproduction ratio in relation with the lens used in singular and when PN-11 is used in combination engravings on the lens barrel. The rubberized textured focusing grips in rectangular patterns has been extended to six-in-rows from five-in-row used in previous version for a more positive grip and handling during focusing."

Images taken with this lens:

Less than half the price of the 105VR but as good or even better image quality, this good condition lens is going for only $550.

18. AI 105mm F2.5
The 105 is the first lens that attracted me to nikon manual lens years ago. As we had discussed here..

This lens i truely a legend, the bokeh is damn nice making it fantastic for shooting ppl..

this lens actually made it into Nikon's Tales of 1001 Nights..

Read it here: http://www.nikon.co.jp/main/eng/portfolio/about/history/nikkor/n05_e.htm

Google it and you can see discussions on it in forums all over the world.

Some portrait done with this lens indoors, without flash.

A shot at the minimum focus distance. Shot wide open at F2.5.
Bokeh is beautiful, details are all retained.

The AI and AIS difference is on the built in hood and changes in coating, but image wise both are very good. Selling $350, lens in good condition.

13. AIS Nikkor 105mm F1.8 Huge aperture tele lens.

Shown above is not the actual lens. For sale is a rather used copy.

One of nikon's legend as well. The 105F2.5 is already world famous, but the F1.8 is still one level higher, one full stop more to be exact. This little monster is in the same league as lenses such as the nikon 85f1.4 and 135F2. The depth of field and bokeh is really crazy, and i mean it. take a shot of any model with it at F1.8, you will be amazed how the background just totally blurs out with that extremely creamy bokeh. Even the newer 105 DC is only F2 not F1.8. Also note its beautiful 9 blades aperture, to produce the very nice circular spots of light in the bokeh at night, few nikons used it. sigma and canon only use 8blades max. Another beauty about the lens is the wide open sharpness as long in correct focus, giving you results that see no point in stopping down. Note that even the expensive AF version is only F2.0, not a F1.8... From what i know, none of the 2nd hand stores locally even have stock for a used piece right now.

Images done with it:

Freshly taken shots for Xmas 08. Lazy to go dig out my old shots.
Len in good condition. Glass is totally perfect 10/10. exterior pretty good as well 9/10. Looking for some amazing shots to collect, this is your lens. Letting go at only $800.

19. AIS Nikkor 135mm f/2.0s telephoto lens

Similar to the 105F2, this is also another crazy lens in its own right. mounted on a cropped body, you get 216mm F2.0, its really amazing for low light concert shots etc. Though a tad longer than the usual portrait lens, when mounted on a FF body, its still pretty good for portraits. The bokeh for this lens is crazy as well. If my sample shots below cant convince, you are welcome to come try out the lens. Sharpness at wide open is also very good. Also note its beautiful 9 blades aperture, to produce the very nice circular spots of light in the bokeh at night, few nikons used it. sigma and canon only use 8blades. max.

Images done with it:

Lens in good condition. No fungus etc.. Only that rear element has slight wear marks on coating, but doesnt affect image taken at all for sure.
Letting go at only $600.

20. AI 135mm f/2.8 Nikkor-Q Auto

Very nice and large piece of glass. Size wise bigger than the later versions. Glass as well, probably due to cost cutting. This lens is fully metal built, with built in hood. Ergernomics is good. Feels just right on a semi pro DSLR, aperture ring has a generous allowance to manually focus to precision.

Image quality is good. Always delivers. Sharp and contrasty, free from distortion, it can shoot anything for snapshots of everyday life, to portraits for the thin depth.

Sample shots:

Note that this is already in AI mount. Letting go at only $250, definitely worth the price.

21. AI 135mm F2.8 with build in hood

Slightly newer version and smaller compared to the one above. The lens delivers equally wow images at wide open. The built in hood is very useful as some stray light may get into glass of lens even when not shooting directly at the sun. Despite being a telephoto lens, its only about the length of the 18-70 with a 52mm diameter. Can be easily kept in your pocket. On a cropped digital body, it gives a 216mm F2.8, definitely value for money as both a sports tele lens, and a portrait lens.

Shots taken with this lens:

Lens in good condition. Letting go at $260.

Have got a more used version, functioning perfectly but rubber grip focus ring portion came off, replace with gaffer tape. Selling only $200.

22. Ai 135mm f/3.5 Nikkor-Q Auto telephoto lens

Image above taken from online, lens for sale is in much better condition.
Another very nice nikon tele lens.. Though not a fast f2.8, its gives very nice and sharp images. Modification already done or it to be fitted on nikon DSLRs.. Collector's item Selling only $180.

Unique thing about this lens, is it has a bluish coating on the front element, unlike any other lens.

Shot taken by it:

Lens in almost MINT condition. Selling cheaply at only $180.

23. AI Nikkor 180mm F2.8

Image here taken online.

This is one really huge lens, using 72mm filter. Dont expect it to be light as well, due to the large glass. However image quality is fabulous. Both contrast and sharpness.

Shot taken by it:

Lens in used condition. Selling this at only $400.

25. AI 200mm f/4 Nikkor-Q

Good condition lens. Good optics design. This 200F4 lens is definitely value for its price.

Some might think that F4 isnt very fast, but good manual lens is not just about huge aperture. Like many of the legendary Zeiss lens can tell. This lens is a good example. At F4 it is already very sharp and nice. both contrast and sharpness is good, and as a tele lens with thin depth of field at F4, it renders a sweet out of focus area..
One more good use of this lens is for macro. We all know how much a 200F4 macro cost... Using a extension tube, the min fousing dist in drastically reduced, allowing very nice macro images. Other techniques such as reverse mount a 50mm or closeup filters, i have not tried but with them, you will definitely get more than 1:1 mag...

Shots taken with it:

Taken in china, where i bought this lens, these was one of the first few shots with the lens back then. Only a few shots and i knew i got a value for money lens. Sharpness is excellent wide open, with nice depth of field and the telelens effect isolating your subject.

Using extension tubes, this lens easily becomes a dirt cheap 200f4 macro.
Good condition. Selling only $300.

33. Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4.0s IF

Quoted from MIR: "Needless to mention, the strength of the Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4.0s IF lens is still at its close focusing capability. The lens goes down to reproduction ratio of 1:2 physically but such value can reach to an astonishing magnification ratio of 1:1 life size if a Nikon 2X Teleconverter TC-201s(TC-301s) (Or an Ai Teleconverter TC-200 (TC-300) is used in combination with the lens. Further, it doubles its focal length to 400mm with the advantage of maintaining the same minimum focusing distance. However, in such a combination, the 2X Teleconverter will "eat up" 2 f-stop in its lens speed to become a long reaching Micro-Nikkor 400mm f/8.0 !"

"* Continuous operation from infinity to a reproduction ratio of 1:2 and, with the TC-300 Teleconverter, from infinity down to 1:1 life-size is possible. * Maintains natural perspective while providing extra working distance for shooting inaccessible subjects or ones requiring supplementary illumination. * High sharpness and extremely well corrected flatness of field due to its optical design, with Nikon Integrated Coating to ensure uniform color rendition. * Stops down to f/32 to permit maximum depth of field - particularly necessary in close-up and macrophotography. ?Built-in telescopic lens hood. * 360?rotatable tripod socket collar provided; removable for hand-holding the lens. * Takes popular 52mm filters. * Besides close-ups and macrophotography, this lens is great for head-and-shoulder portraits, sports, and general creative photography."

"Actually, I was lured in by Michael Liu with his personal good remarks over the lens where I acquired one for myself as I couldn't agree with him more with its impressive basic lens specification - as during that time, there wasn't a better alternative until the AF version arrived. Whatever it is, as compared to the more "luxurious" but worthy upgrade in the AF cum ED-IF version that followed, where it weighs a MASSIVE 1.2kg, this compact MF Micro-Nikkor lens merely weighs 880g (740g for older version) - which makes it such a comfortable lens to use and carry around especially for those who often engage in outdoor photography. Lastly, despite all the good and practical features it possess within, the lens still has a standard 52mm filter attachment which allows it shares many standard lens accessories within the Nikon photographic system. Overall, this all round Tele-Macro lens can be a good substitute for a prime telephoto to handle normal photography."

"Another great feature of this lens is the use of an Internal Focus system where there is no physical extension in its entire focusing range from its closest focusing distance which stands at 0.71m (2.34 ft.) all the way to infinity (OO). The 2.34 ft with 1:2 reproduction ratio is simply great with its Xtra range of working distance to shoot subjects that require minimal disturbances and/or subject with 'unfriendly" behavior Besides, such comfortable working range is easier for photographers to facilitate or setup macro-flash photography. On top of that, the front section of the lens is non-rotable and such design will not affect the use of specialized filter such as polarizer or graduated filters. Besides, since there is no physical extension, you can make use of the front to subject distance to calculate exposure manually, should such needs arise in flash or a meterless Nikon SLR camera is used. Well, as the long focal length of 200mm's narrow angle of view of 12?20' does provides a more natural perspective for distortion-free close-up pictures than comparing Micro-Nikkor lenses at shorter focal length, this is another good element for you to think of its numerous advantages the lens offers."

Images taken with this beautiful macro tele lens:

Both the TC200 and TC201 i have them for sale as well. Lens in good condition, no tripod collar. Selling only $800.

26. Nikkor 300 mm f/4.5

Sharp tele prime in good condition at a small fraction of the cost of an AF one. The AF 300f4 easily cost 800 for a used and 1.5K for the AFS one.

Image taken with it:

Sharp wide open and easy to focus. This lens is good for both birding and some tele sports.

Selling this very good condition sharp lens at only $350.
I like this lens for its built in hood and tripod mount, which nicely balances the weight and allows fast rotation from landscape to portrait and back. Its really an excellent lens, working rather decently with TCs, and extension tubes for close up as well. Lets just let the sample shot do the talking.
Selling as i already bought the 300f2.8.

37. Nikkor 300 mm f/4.5 ED

Beautiful, sought after Nikon 300mm ED lens with the signature gold ring. As with all ED lenses, you can expect good contrast and sharpness. The 70-200VR even has 5 ED elements. To know how good this lens is and why you would want to have it, just google for more reviews.

"The latter internal focus system employed within also contributes to its enhance performance with further advantage of no extension of lens barrel during focusing while at the same time, enabling the Nikkor lens broke the sub-1000g lens weight for the first time (at 990g) for a telephoto lens at 300mm focal length. The use of the ED glass in the two lenses also eliminates the need to reset the focusing ring for infrared photography. For easy identification, ED lenses have a gold ring around the barrel."

Images taken with this beautiful lens:

Just check out the amazing out of focus, the buttery bokeh. For birders and portrait shooters, you got to have this lens.
Lens in good condition. Selling only $600.

27. Ai-S Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 IF-ED

Prior to the introduction of the Ai-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 ED-IF, this lens was the fastest 400mm Nikkor telephoto lens. The Ai-S version of this well-received Nikkor telephoto lens was introduced in 1982, with serial number starting from 181501. The main features include 8X magnification when compared with a normal lens producing frame-filling images of distance subjects. 400mm F3.5 lens, an aperture just 2/3 stop slower than a F2.8 piece, and alot lighter... Fantastic lens for all birding or sports photography. To top it all, it is even an ED lens, meaning it produces very sharp contrasty images at wide open aperture. Bokeh produced with this lens is totally crazy.

Throw in a 2X TC and mounted on a crop digital body, you are well looking at the equivalence of a 1200mm F7.1 lens. That is truely amazing. This lens is so rare you probably wont find another piece locally. Selling it to go for the 400F2.8L

Images taken with this lens:

Exterior of lens in good condition, however front element has some scratches. But no worries the glass is so big there it totally does affect image quality. Just assured you still get very sharp and contrastly images.
Only because of that, im selling it only $1800. A piece without scratch would easily got for 3000 online.

28. Nikon Series E 36-72mm f/3.5s Zoom lens

Quoted from MIR: A economical alternative to your normal lens and other more expensive Nikon zoom lenses. ?Three popular focal length in one zoom - wideangle, normal, and short telephoto - make this zoom lens suitable for most subjects, including snapshots, portraits, scenic city life, etc. Technical Highlights: * Nikon Integrated Coating is applied for improved color rendition. * Amazingly compact and light. * Single focusing/zooming ring provides easy operation for shooting fast-moving subjects. * Takes popular 52mm filters.

By the early '80, there was a very funny scenario in the development of zoom lenses. Most important was the change of attitude - users were beginning to accept zoom lenses for their photography. Nikon was sandwiched in an embarrassing situation as previous zoom lenses introduced by Nikon were very expensive. The competitions has, in an indirect way forced Nikon to re-think how to step down the prices of zoom lenses to take on aggressive competitions especially from the Canon and Minolta etc. While many third party and rivaling competitors have also started introduced many realistically priced zoom lenses for SLRs. Everybody can see the inevitable future path of zoom might, one day become the main stream optic to replace prime lenses and naturally Nikon was aware of such that change in the market place too. Although Nikkor zoom lenses were, generally rated highly in both their built and optical quality, of which Nikon usually demanded an extraordinary premium, thinking the convenience of zoom and optical performance their zoom lenses offer were still cheaper than a few prime Nikkor lenses combined.

The debut of Series E lenses somehow has helped (or designed to 'neutralize' such situation) by "explaining" to Nikon faithful that they can now lower prices of zoom lenses and make them more affordable. Somehow I got the funny feeling (and hate to think) that the E-series zoom lenses were part of the marketing scheme being introduced to enable prices of subsequent new Nikkor zoom lenses introduced later stages can be 'step-down' and narrow the gap of prices from early expensively priced Nikkor zoom lenses to a more realistic level without hurting the feeling of previous buyers ...

Anyway, let us set the wild guess issue aside. This E Series Zoom 36-72mm f/3.5 here do have a few plus points in its design that deserve a mention, together with another two Series E zoom lenses which offers at longer focal length at 70-150mm and 70-210mm, the three lenses were surprisingly being designed to use one-touch zoom/focus ring design which provides a quicker, more responsive and smoother operation (A comparing, more expensive Nikkor Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5 has a dual focusing/zoom rings design). Next, all these lenses have a constant aperture of f/3.5 which is less tedious to respond to many action photography; further, the maximum aperture of f/3.5 also enables viewfinder image of many Nikon bodies to maintain reasonably bright for ease of focusing and picture composing.

Lastly, an icing on the cake, this lens is capable of achieving a magnification ratio of 1:5 at longer end of the zoom setting of 150mm. Along with the Series E 70-210mm f4.0, both of these zoom lenses are providing a close focus, higher magnification ratio capability.

Overall, the lens performs slightly above average optically but its built quality often makes many Nikon faithful who were so familiar with supreme quality of other Nikon products in general to think, in the first place, why would Nikon introduce the E-Series optic. But as addressed earlier, the primary target users for E-Series lenses are mainly aiming for entry SLR users who are more budget conscious, less exposed to quality of other Nikon products, whatever it is, they might still think, it is still a Nikon. However, over the years, I have seen many of these lenses landed in studio to take portraits for ID identification. So,despite of what I felt, it still lasts huh ?

Image taken with this lens:

Lens is not mint, but overall still good condition. It has been serviced by David/fatigue and works flawlessly now. Selling only $180.

29. Nikon Series E 75-150 mm f/3.5s Zoom lens

Copied from MIR site: "An excellent focal length for portraits, sports, and travel photography, although many may feel its focal length at both ends are neither too practical to make it a one-lens-does-all choice optic for photographers. it was all started with a lens test published by 'Popular Photography' back during early '80 which it has reported some favorable results achieve by the lens. The review has made many users thinking Nikon has produced another 'legendary" status lens. (Frankly, I think even Nikon was surprised and embarrassed by such positive respond in a Series E zoom lens instead of a Nikkor). If a test report is solely used as a yardstick to judge such a status, Canon could have a few bucketful of legendary lenses because any seasoned users/readers will notice Popular Photography rarely reviewed lenses made by Nikon during that time; even if it has, while you can see most of content were using careful choice of words which often contradict with lens test results in data sheet. Further, many lens tests of Canon optic published usually scored highly and brilliantly in lab and on the field test. So, I think to see such overwhelming reaction from Nikon users was truly amazing and it might even went beyond its creator's expectation. Generally, zoom lenses within on these focal length are much easier to design without overcoming too much optical aberrations, they usually performs much better than lenses of shorter focal lengths. There are two versions of this lens being produced throughout its entire product cycle. The earlier version has a lens fastening ring in black plastic while later version was changed to a metal (Aluminum) lens mounting ring. It has a extra broad focusing ring which provides secure, firm focusing and zoom action. However, the lens has a few great designing elements to term it as a good zoom lens. It features a one touch zoom/focusing ring design which is very useful for telephotography; it has a constant aperture of f/3.5 which is equally favorable by many photographers. The lens indeed balances very well when mounted on camera (especially with a motor drive attached). Optically, it never disappoint either, perhaps with NIC which has greatly contains internal reflection among the lens elements within, images produce are uniformly quite sharp for a zoom lens at all apertures and color fidelity is very stable. The lens exhibits a slightly higher contrast (for a zoom lens), where it also provides excellent depth of field scales (lines) which are brightly coloured to illustrate their curves while it zooms/focuses. Overall, since the lens was designed within a focal length generally very useful (and practical) for medium telephotography such as half length body portraiture, scenic/landscape to isolate a specific area of interest, family pictures and even a great choice for indoor studio photography. As with any other medium telephoto lens you can find on the market, shooting portraits with aperture between f/8.0 and f/11 with flash, should produce excellent photographic results with this lens. Over the years, just like the shorter 36-72mm lens featured earlier, I noticed many of this zoom lens are also being used "in front of the curtain" at many of the One Hour Color Lab for taking passport or B/W ID photo). "

with so much being quoted already, it should be rather clear to see that this is one good zoom lens.

Images taken by this lens:

Lens is not mint, but overall still good condition. It has been serviced by David/fatigue and works flawlessly now. Selling only $220.

38. Nikon Series E manual focus Zoom 70-210mm f/4.0s telephoto zoom lens

" A versatile telephoto zoom lens offering a 3:1 zoom ratio, plus macro focusing. This is the most expensive lens among all available option within the Nikon Series E lens family. If you are a true believer Nikon has created a superlative zoom lens in the Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm f4.5 lens back in 1969 and subsequently the lens has a 'rebirth" with a AI Zoom Nikkor 80-200 f/4.0 which was introduced in 1981 but you cannot afford neither of them, then - this Nikon Series E Zoom 70-210mm f/4.0 could well be an alternative. I used to own this lens and my studio boys are still keeping this E series zoom lens after 12 years of use, apparently, a good news is - it still survives and being used by them after I decided to sell the lens to them. " - quoted from MIR

" Although the plastic feel was still apparent but this zoom lens is quite heavy (730g compares to Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.0's 790g) and the weight distribution is excellent, making it balance very well in hand when mounted on a camera. The constant aperture of f/4.0 was the main cause contributes its large physical dimension and extra weight. Optical performance ? Surprisingly, despite it was a E-series optic but Nikon seemed never took a short cut in designing this lens. It has a massive 13 elements in 9 group design which is almost similar to the more famed Nikkor counterpart. In actual fact, the lens exhibits slightly higher contrast across the whole spectrum of apertures than the famed Nikkor ! The minimum focus distance was equally an impressive 2 ft when a separate macro setting was activated (However, normal closest focusing distance graduates to 5.0 ft.) - it was much closer than what the Nikkor lens can achieve."

" The lens has also a very well illustrated focal length markings on its lens barrel at 70, 85, 100, 135, 210mm and supplemented by equally well illustrated depth of field curves lines. Well, actually I am more inclined to look at its practicality because it substitutes a selection of various focal length of prime lenses in a studio those days. The working boys lack a versatile zoom lens that can provide great mobility for field shooting which also provides them comfortable optical results indoor. "

" I bought the lens after I did some test strips outside and was quite happy and decided to take up an offer. Frankly, I did own a Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm f/4 during that time but I would rather not lending them to "abuse" it.. hehe ..anyway, eventually, I disposed the lens to the hard working boys as I don't intend to keep two zoom lenses with similar configuration. As this lens was introduced very late in March, 1982, I am not too sure if there was a version that has the all black matte finish plastic lens mounting ring. Similarly, the lens was not provide a meter coupling prong and the all plastic aperture ring was still one of its weaker link. The zoom lens was almost being replicated by Nikon to produce an almost similar version with an AF configuration during the mid '80. "

- the above quoted from MIR

My experience with this lens has been consistent with whats written above. superb handling, very satisfying image quality. be it at tele len and wide open, i am still confident it will give me what i want. IMO if nikon actually just take this optical design, throw in an AFS motor, it will easily be the next best seller..

Lens is in MINT condition. Letting go at a sweet $350 only.

39. Nikon Ai Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5

" Frankly, the success of this zoom was also partly due to the fact during those days, there ain't many high quality equivalents were around, but I can't deny the fact it is good lense. Perhaps more importantly, the emergence of this Nikkor zoom has lead and play a big role in creating a successful following for zoom lense type while at the same time, speed up the process of refinement and development on zoom lense further. "

" Actually, part of the appeal of a zoom lens is convenience. In one lens, it gives the photographer a variety of focal lengths without having to carry extra lenses. It also allows the photographer to change focal lengths quickly, and therefore change his coverage, without actually having to change lenses or positions. another feature in its handling is, once in focus, always in focus - at every focal length. The design of this zoom provides responsive one-hand zoom/focus control for optimal handling speed and precision. An interesting sales attraction where camera manufacturers often overemphasized in their marketing those days was its ability to create "zoom blurs." (by zooming the lens during a slow shutter speed, the cameraman can impart a feeling of action to stationary subjects, and what this action does to a moving object can often be surprising and eye-catching). "

- the above quoted from MIR

Another sweet piece of glass, truely a breeze to use with its pull push zoom design. the excellent good optical design contributes to it having good contrast and sharpness throughout different focal length and apertures. If one doesnt mind the F4 aperture, which of course isnt as optimal as a F2.0 prime for low light, but with better light in the day, this lens does " one shot one kill " for me.

Lens has used marks on exterior, but glass is perfect. Selling at only $280.

40. Nikon AI Zoom 80-200mm f/4.0s

Given the immense popularity and widely known throughout the world for its superb picture quality, probably it has put a lot of pressure on Nikon to design a worthy upgrade for their highly acclaimed Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5 - which partly explained why it has taken them so long to announce the new successor. The Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.0s was introduced in August, 1981. This Ai-S native Nikkor zoom carries with the new revised coupling system that enables many Nikon SLRs to operate some automatic exposure control modes.

In relation to technicalities, this Nikkor zoom has a lens speed of f/4.0, one-half stop faster than the older model. The brighter viewfinder projection that benefits from the speed gain provides easy pinpoint focusing. In order to accommodate this improvement, the filter thread of this zoom has been enlarged with a larger diameter of 62mm from 52mm found on previous versions.

The lense still features a single focusing/zooming ring, allowing you to focus and zoom simultaneously especially when shooting fast-moving subjects. Similarly, it stops down to f/32 for additional depth of field control which makes it Ideal for candids and portraits, travel photography, sports, and for creating zoom blurs. But another main improvement of this new zoom was its close focusing ability - it now focuses to a close 1.2m (4 ft.) attributed from adoption of a new 13 elements in 9 groups optical design where this further extends its picture making capabilities. Another resulting advantage is a good reproduction ratio be achieved at its closest focusing distance.

The optical arrangement of this famed MF Nikkor zoom lense was known to have been evolved three rounds in its entire product cycle with earlier ones carries a 15 elements in 10 groups design(1969~1977) - followed by a 12 elements in 9 groups (1979~1981) version and finally, the 13 elements in 9 groups (1981~1990) design adopted in this Ai-S-only zoom. What I am trying to emphasize here is, this Nikkor zoom has quite a colourful and respectable history throughout its lens development, with refinement made physically in lens features as well as internally involving its various optical formulas used. I know there are quite a number of dividing opinions out there when it comes to this Nikkor Zoom upgrade. From the perspective of a consumer, I would simply conclude (but I don't intend to influence anyone's perception) this is also a great zoom lense. With overall useful focal lengths that offers from medium to full 4X telephoto, supreme built quality, excellent handling and compatibility with new and old Nikon bodies while optically, it is still rated as a more than above-average-performer which can deliver superb definition across its entire zoom range. Depending on individual expectations, requirements and subject topics that you intend to handle in your photography - it can be an excellent companion lens such as for traveling and/or assignments indoor or on locations especially takes into consideration its overall high score in its portability and optical performance provides. Although I am more inclined towards the use of prime lenses but this zoom is always in list of consideration whenever I intend to travel. I think, this speaks all.

- the above quoted from MIR

Another good milestone in the history of nikon's manual lenses, here is the widely acclaimed 80-200F4, before the F2.8 ones became available. Expect no less than good sharpness and contrast as well. Overall i find it pretty much similar to the older F4.5 albeit heavier and larger.

Lens in used condition on exterior but glass still good of course. Selling at only $280.

30. Nikon TC201

Selling only $200

31. Nikon TC200

Selling only $160

32. Nikon TC16A

Nikon AF Teleconverter TC-16A

This converter was recommended for use on Nikkors up to 300mm in focal length with widest apertures of at least f/2.8 for faster - It is almost a full stop slower than the previous TC-16 which requires a minimum lens speed of f/2.0. This has indeed opened up a lot of possibility with many of the Manual Focus Nikkor lenses within the Nikkor lens family as it does provides some autofocus capability to the applicable MF Nikkor lenses. Well, there are some shortcomings in its operation too, as this is not entirely an AF converter, because it needs to work with an AF Camera body, besides, it cannot focus from the primary lens from its closest focusing distance all the way to infinity espeically its close focus ability with longer focal length lenses is also very limited. But it does provides precise critical focus operation with the right combination of lens/camera.

Introduced in 1985/86 . Replicating a similar original concept of the AF TC-16 for the Nikon F3AF SLR camera, this autofocus optical teleconverter is designed specifically for some of the earlier AF Nikon SLR camera models where during those days, Nikon was damn slow in introducing their various AF Nikkor lenses and the TC-16A was served as an interim measure to bridge the vacuum to enable those AF cameras be able to use the enormous range of Manual Focus Nikkor lenses for autofocus applications.

1.6X to increase the focal length of telelens. lose about 1 stop of light. Most amazing thing about this TC, its glass element actually moves, giving Auto focus with these manual focus lenses. Very sought after piece of equipment, tested to work with D2X and D2h, other models might need some modification. Selling at only $200.

35. Tamron 135F2.8

Old tamron lens, but in good condition. its a short telephone which when mounted on a 1.6X cropped body gives you 217mm F2.8, great for low light shots, portraits etc. Gives decent quality at F2.8 but when stopped down to F4, becomes very sharp. Lens in direct nikon mount and dont need any other adaptors.

Images taken by this lens:

Lens in MINT condition, selling only $180.

Selling a few Tamron adaptall lens here.

For those who dont know, you can google to find out more. These lens require adaptors to be mounted onto the bodies, thus you can mount the same lens to a few different bodies. There are many adaptors allowing to convert mount to m42, cY. leica R, Nikon AIS, OM, KM, FD and alot more...


2. Adaptor for sale - adaptall to Canon EF mount (Brand new) $40

3. Adaptor for sale - adaptall to Nikon AIS mount (slightly used condition) $40

5. Tamron 28mm F2.8

The former version of the 28f2.5 above, this lens uses similar design and perform equally well. Great for anyone looking for a small and light walk about fast prime. This lens is much smaller and thinner than nikon and canon's AF versions for sure, easily fitting into anyone's pocket.

Shot taken with this lens:

Lens in good condition. Glass is totally clean. Letting go at only $180.

Letting go of some Pentax manual focus, screwmount(m42) lens. Some are super takumar, some are SMC takumar. Those who have used them would know there are gems amongst this range. In particular, the most famous is 135F3.5, small little lens but pin sharp wide open. Fantastic resolution. Even the 1Ds mark2 16MP sensor cant out resolve it.

Who should use them? All film bodies that take m42 lens would be able to use this. With the right adaptor, all canon, nikon, olympus, sony bodies are able to use this lens, manual focus of course. (keen on adaptors can PM me to find out more. Note that normal adaptors sold outside for m42 to nikon are basically useless ad they dont allow you to focus to infinity, i have the proper kind of adaptors)

These M42 lens can be used directly on old film bodies or via adaptor on all modern nikon, canon, olypmus, sony KM, pentax DSLR.

For those buying the lens before, i can sell you brand new adaptors cheaply as well.

M42 to EOS - $25

M42 to Nikon with good japan glass(has coating) for focus to infinity - $40

M42 to KM/Sony bodies - $30

5. Super Takumar 50mm F1.4

Large F1.4 aperture. Excellent for low light conditions of course. Image may not be very sharp wide open, but stop down abit and its good. Another small lens good for carrying around as a spare.

Image taken with this lens:

Letting go at only $200. Got to be one of the cheapest f1.4 lens for sale around here. Slight user marks on exterior but glass is very good.

3. Super Takumar 55mm F2

Small and budget lens, yet with good performance. Compare to the canon 50f1.8 mark2, it definitely gives a better bokeh as that uses a 5 blade aperture only. in terms of image and built, this is sure more value for money provided AF is not crucial.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in very good condition. Selling cheaply at only $120.

3. SMC Takumar 55mm F2

Small and budget lens, yet with good performance. Compare to the canon 50f1.8 mark2, it definitely gives a better bokeh as that uses a 5 blade aperture only. in terms of image and built, this is sure more value for money provided AF is not crucial.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in very good condition. Selling cheaply at only $160.

4. Super Takumar 105mm F2.8

Hood and case not included for this lens. Lens in totally MINT condition, better than the one shown above.

For sale is a rare super takumar 105f2.8 in MINT condition. Like the others it uses a 49mm filter, thus is really small and light. But still a beautiful performer. Fantastic for portraits.

Discussions about this little gem:


" It is a very good lens for portraiture. I broke mine (Super-Tak) beyond repair but have very fond memories of it. "

" This is an excellent lens that I have used off and on for portraits for about 30 years - starting when I took a portrait class in the Army! Also it is light and handy."

" I use a 105/2.8 Super Takumar occasionally and it is an excellent portrait lens, comparable with the Canon 100/2.8 that I have but smaller and lighter. There was also an M42 SMC multicoated version too which might cope with flare better for a backlit portrait but the Super Takumar is fine with a lens hood on it. "

" The Takumars are the best screw-mount lenses ever made. The rest are no comparison but Chinon, Fujinon, Rikenon and Yashinon are not bad "

Galleries online:



Images taken with this lens:

can see the thin depth of field and sharpness where in focus with this lens.

Mint condition lens for sale at only $250.

5. Super Takumar 135mm F3.5 SMC (SUPER Multi COATed)

One of the best known pentax lens. all who used pentax system before will know. This is one super sharp lens. Dont take my word for it, google online to find out more and come try it yourself as well.

"To combat the undesirable consequences of partial reflection, scientists developed chemical coatings to be applied to glass surfaces. These coatings increase r, and in the case of Pentax's famous Super Multi-Coating (SMC), r = 0.998! Performing the above calculation for a lens with 10 groups, we get L = 0.96, or only 4% light loss.

SMC was patented and first applied in 1971, when Pentax was still making screw mount equipment. To highlight the fact that the lens elements were super multi-coated, Pentax renamed their lens lines from Takumar and Super-Takumar to Super-Multi-Coated Takumar and later on to SMC Takumar."

"In reference 06671, Pentax claims that SMC is "a remarkable seven-layer lens coating process that cuts the reflection ratio down to just 0.2% per lens surface. The result is a dramatic improvement in both color fidelity and brightness and the elimination of flare and ghost images."

In the meantime, all optics manufacturers have developed some form of surface coating, and each claims "superior performance." In practice, most tests point that Pentax's SMC is still the best of all mainstream solutions."

Quote from material online to show how fantastic this is, together with the superior lens design giving the extremely sharp wide open performance.

Image taken with this lens:

Letting go cheaply at only $280. non SMC version available for $230.

6. Super Takumar 150mm F4
Looks almost identical to the 135f3.5 in terms of built and optics design, this lens is equally sharp as the former. Most of the time with me, its used on a 5D body. The lens is so sharp you can zoom in fully on the 5D images and its still pin sharp. No kidding..

Image taken with this lens:

Letting go at $250. Mint condition.

If keen pls call 91120589 i do not have internet access all the time.

If you want to view and not confirm buying, pls make arrangement, come to my place at my convenience.

Have been selling away quite a bit of my collection already. Buy with confidence.

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