Why PC Synch cable required ?

Mar 2, 2012
Hi Guys,

I have recently got my first flash n trigger (YN 560 III and RF - 603).
Since then Im playing around with them.

Could anyone please share some details on the following questions..

1. what does PC Synch cable do - apart from what the trigger is currently doing ?
2. Firing flash off camera - Firing flash off camera with the pc Synch attached -- whats the difference ?
3. In a case where, I have the flash off camera (configured to RF 603) and the trigger mounted on camera (without PC synch cable) to fire the flash. it works properly. --> what advantage would I have if the PC synch cable is attached to the trigger with the same configuration?

May be the questions are lengthy n boring.. ;p But, your help is very useful for a new guys like me... :) :)

Thanks alot !!!

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Oct 8, 2011
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PC sync cable exists for decades, way before there was a thing like "Wi-Fi".

It's there because, when all else fails there's still PC Sync cable to trigger your flash.

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