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Sep 27, 2006
WTD Fan Profile...
Real name: Matt Knowles
Location: Ferndale, CA
Day job: photographer/ web designer, sometimes it's
a night job too.
Your website or blog: www.aestheticdesign.com
Favorite photographer: Galen Rowell
Your favorite WTD strip: WDT01 certainly started off
right, but being a volunteer firefighter I have to go with WTD22. WTD58 spent some time posted in my studio as well.

A website we should all check out: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/
A website we should all NOT check out: www.johnmccain.com
Favorite comic strip BEFORE What the Duck: Pearls Before Swine
Describe the best photograph you've ever taken: *A picture's worth a thousand words, so take a look: http://www.aestheticdesign.com/potm-2006-07.html
What is the one piece of gear on the top of your wish list: An Outback Loft travel trailer so I can get out and take more pictures.
Describe WTD in one word: Short
Your first camera ever: Minolta SRT101
The first thing you ever bought online: I have trouble remembering what I ate last night, you want me to remember something that happened 12 years ago?
Favorite piece of WTD merchandise: My signed "Is There A Doctor In The House?" print.
Your favorite piece of gear: My iMac G5 20"
Your biggest pet peeve: My cat Artie pees in our house. Oh wait, you said "Peeve".
A rant: People that are addicted to their cell phones.
A rave: Kawasaki KLR650, every photographer should have one.
If you could photograph one famous person - who and why: Kiera Knightley because she could do justice to our vintage clothing collection.
Suggest a question I should have asked you: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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