what should i do? Classic or Digital?

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Nov 3, 2008
i just took up photography not long ago.

i currently using nikon coolpix P6000 and Nikon FE

one a semi-prof digital cam and the other a film camera.

my dad was a photo-enthusiast so he had a a collection of vintage camera and a leica M6 and a few lenses. He give me the nikon FE to slowly learn about calssic cameras.

so i also had taken some photos with his M6 and understood most of its function.

problem is.....
should i go for a DSLR camera at a later stage or maybe gain experience/knowledge and use my dad's M6 or do both?



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Jul 25, 2006
Which do you feel you are more comfortable with? Which do you feel is more economic in the long run?

Some people will still stick to film because film has a different look, a different response curve, a wider dynamic range, but is consequently more expensive in the long run, with developing and scanning costs. You can, of course, develop and scan yourself, but it would still cost you to get chemicals and a decent darkroom facility.

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