What Do I Shoot for? (3 Feb 2005)

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Jan 3, 2005
Hi Everyone....

This course shall serve to help students realise their purpose and goal in photography, and solve the problem with solutions to the question "what do I shoot for?". It provides many alternative views on what students can do in their journey in photography.
Duration : 5 weeks, 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$120 (member), S$220 (non-member).
Language : English
Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
Instructor : Steven Yee Pui Chung, Edward Cheong

Lesson 1 (Steven):
Why you take up photography?
The path in photography
The quest for specialisation and explore the different specialisations
Understanding which specialisation suits you
Is your economic situation able to cope with the specialisation you choose?
What is your output for the area of your specialisation?
Various options for output (salon, competition, virtual gallery, freelance work etc)
Managing your images
How to edit and sort your images?
Digital versus film
Types of archival system
Archival of films
Archival of digital files
How to keep a good archival system that enable you to trace your works?
The selection process
What do we look out for in image selection?
How to be a good photo critique?

Lesson 2 (Steven):
What is Salon Photography and Competition Photography?
Why should I participate?
What are the benefits?
How to participate?
Which Salon to participate?
Which category to go into?
Where to get info?
Types of awards
What type of images tend to win awards?
Choosing pictures
Archiving your results
Method of delivery
Hands-on in preparation to send a package of print and a package of slides
Having your works collected by photography museums
(students are required to bring along a postal tube and padded envelope, which can be purchased at the club)

Lesson 3 (Steven):
The importance of making a portfolio
Writing your bios (what to include and exclude)
Presentation method (portfolio book, mounted works, powerpoint, online web gallery)
Hands-on on mounting the works
Hands-on on making the portfolio book
The importance of having your virtual gallery
The importance of having your own domain name and a good webhost with no pop-up ads or slow bandwidth
Show samples of virtual websites
Hitch a ride on the www.pssgallery.org domain
(students required to bring along 10 pieces of 5R works and 2 A4 size mounting boards and photo corners and a portfolio book)

Lesson 4 (Steven):
How to set-up a photo exhibition?
Where to get inspiration?
Concept if "recreate and reinvent"
Solo or group?
The logistics and workflow
The theme and concept
Working on the images
Selection of images
The importance of proper planning and timeline
Securing the gallery venue
Importance of Model release
Marketing your exhibition via email, website, news etc
What are not to be exhibited?
Selling the works
Color print versus B/W print
Trend in hot lamination for color print
How to put a value (pricing) to your works?
The art of image management
Importance of editions

Lesson 5 (Edward):
Freelance work
Type of freelance work
Fees chargeable
Going fulltime?

Keen? You can drop us an email to Kellyn/Diane at pss1950@singnet.com.sg

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