Waterfall In Capurganá

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Thanks for sharing..nice model and rare to see a natural waterfall shot.If I may offer some tips, I guess you may not have many options with shooting angles but I feel model occupies too little of the frame since this is a portrait.

Posing can be improved as body frontal square with camera angle makes model look chunky or broad..not flatering of her figure.Yes I know in such situation it's hard and risky as safety is main concern. As you want to slim her down visually this pose is not ideal.Why..because again thighs close together looks chunky and one single mass or lump so is her left arm which is also hidden and close to body.If left arm is away from the body it accentuates her shape..hour glass shape..feminine. Left arm and hand therefore look awkward with hand sticking out in mid left thigh!

Exposure wise from shadows look like past 12 O'clock and since model and background has same brightness makes viewer's wonder all over the frame instead of zooming to model which should be the intention.

Hope to see nicer shots in future..keep it up. :)

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Jan 7, 2017
Thank you for the critique. Helpful points.