Unnatural Event. Anyone?

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Aug 13, 2005
Just wonder any one have ever encounter any unnatural event before.

Here's mine.

Was on a driving trip from Singapore to Thailand. Stop over on the petrol station somewhere at JB went to the toilet, at the entrance i saw this moth.(notice the right bottom is badly torn)
When i reach a friend place(friend lent me the place to stay for the night) at KL, at the door step i saw this moth fly down don't know from where and station at the door opposite. I was shock as i remember the torn wing. Quickly i took out the camera and take a couple of shot.
This moth stay there until i went out for dinner, came back and just before i close the door i saw this moth flew away.



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Apr 27, 2004
東京 Tokyo
not so unnatural, more of a magical event ...

was in Lhasa during my backpacking trip last year with another friend, met this pair of lamas at a residential area and exchanged a hearty conversation. we asked to meet them outside Jokhang temple the next evening before we leave the city. the next day's morning, we met a French backpacking couple at the restaurant during breakfast and asked for directions out of Lhasa. Thanked them by treating them the breakfast.

When we met the lamas in the evening, we wanted to give them something as a small 'gift of fate' but we had nothing worth mentioning, my friend gave them a pair of Snickers peanut butter chocolate bars. We exchanged contacts and returned to the guesthouse after an evening walk. When we reached our room, my friend and i were surprised that on the door handle was tied a red plastic bag with 2 Snickers peanut butter chocolate bars. we thought the lamas couldn't accept our small gifts. then realised that the chocolate bars were left by the French couple we met during breakfast, their small little gifts wishing us good luck for the rest of our journey (they left the morning after breackfast) ... things just 'went around' in Lhasa :bsmilie:

Jun 21, 2005
here's mine......

my granny passed away in June this year....

recently, i was watching TV alone in the living room, the lights were switched off.... only the tv and fan were on.... at about 1 am, decided to sleep, switched off the tv - using the remote, got up to switch off the fan, as i was walking towards the fan, the tv was switched on AGAIN by itself....

i switched off the fan, found the remote to switch off the tv again and went straight to my room to sleep... told my family about this the following day....

hmmm... maybe my late granny wanted to 'say' something to me....:sweat:


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Jan 30, 2004
When I was still in High School, I had a weird dream on horses winning at a racetrack. The following week was School Holiday. So I followed my father and friends to the races. He gave me Aud$100 to bet.....

So, I followed the winners in my dream. At the end of the day, I went home with about Aud$2900......

Wish I can have the same dream again......:bsmilie:

Dec 18, 2004
This similar design moth appeared on my grandma's funeral on the third day at the wake. . Thereafter, it also appeared on the seventh day outside his four chilldren's place at different locations. In addition, I had noticed that during the first 49th days after her funeral, the same moth also appeared quite a number of times where she used to stay. I have taken the videos and photos and keep it as memory....


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Apr 13, 2005
Dover Cl East
Ever saw you life flashing by, but that’s what happen to me, 6 years ago, I had this terrible pain, which was actually a cancerous tumor erupting thru my colon and I didn't know until much later but thank God not too late.

So that fateful morning, I was having this pain and in a surreal moment I saw a spiritual being as if coming to take me but I was a unbeliever then and thus this moment is like i,m lost in a mountain and suddenly a lightning flash and then caught a glimpse of the road to my destination.... Now, im a convert and all is well. Amen.

Had a dream about an exam, and I was writing some answers on the paper.

Few months later, I was taking an exam, and coincidentally, I wrote in the answer the same way as I had dreamt of in my sleep. (it was a chinese exam, and the character I wrote in the exam was exactly the same as I dreamt it few months ago, ie both curved in the same way, unlike my normal writing)

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