To the guy whom didn't manage to get my 50mm ...

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Mar 27, 2004
Hi all, I hope the guy (whom I do not know the nick) that I mention above will come across this thread and read. Because of my carelessness, he didn't manage to buy my Canon 50mm 1.8 although he already fix a deal with me in the first place. Here is my B&S thread

The purpose of this thread is not to prove anything. I just think that I should apologise and explain to him in public to show my sincerity. If the mods think that I shouldn't be doing this, pls let me know and I will close it.

The Story:

I understand that you sms and call me first to deal the lens. However, shortly after, another sms (different number) came asking questions that are so linked to yours. It sounds like you are clearing further doubts on the lens. So, thinking that you may be using another phone to sms me, I didn't bother much and save both these numbers under the same name (50mm).

So, throughout these few days, sms was exchanged between us. But all along, I wasn't aware that I am dealing with 2 different person because in my mind, I was only dealing with '50mm'. Alright, I know the rest reading this will be damn stunned how come I can actually be so confused ... but, it just happens.

So, date finally settled and its on Friday 16/9/05. It is only when I met the other guy then did I realised that I was dealing with 2 persons. No wonder in my mind I was thinking, why the buyer keep changing places to meet. Anyway, I sold the lens to the other guy whom I was meeting because he came to Clementi and he was sick. I know this does not mean that I should sell the lens to him because you may also have sacrificed important appoinment just to meet up with me.

Anyway, my sincere apologies to you and really regretted if I caused you any inconvenience due to my carelessness.


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