Tilt - Exhibition by Jason Wee

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Sep 29, 2002
East, SG
Just helping a friend promote his exhibition...do drop by and take a look if ya interested. Below are quoted by him...
(Long message ahead)

the address is:

38 Amoy Street tel 6225 3262 email josetay@singnet.com.sg
operating hours Mon ? Fri 11:30am ? 7:30pm Sat 11:30am ? 6pm

(very near Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Jose Tay and ART MOTION invite you and your friends to



Exhibition continues from
24 to 9 Nov 2002

Exhibition Opening on:
25 Oct 2002 (Friday) 7pm

Please RSVP by replying this mail.

Jose Tay Mp : 9733 2066
or email to josetay@singnet.com.sg
for more information.

Jason Wee
Etched 2002

The ideas behind Tilt first seeded in my head when discussions over late-night the ice with Wilson Goh, the manager of The Singers, led to a commission to produce a set on prints exploring in visual terms what they will do in song. They were putting on a concert exploring melancholla.

As Tilt germinated, and as my camera took me from Fort Canning to Fort Malacca and back to the Fatime Mosque, the melancholy I pursued became pessimism, but it wasn?t a psychological state that arrived on my prints; it was a dissatisfaction with the religious, political, literary discourses within contemporary Singapore.

Tilt became my attempt to skew visual objects towards my skepticism, to make images that resist, or even contradict, their original objects. My landscapes become empty, my objects mute, even rude.

Jason Wee is a poet whose works have been published in local mags and anthologies. He is also a full-time student in NUS and his photography have taken him to East Timor, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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