Thesis topic idea : Museum of Photography in Singapore, Do We need That?

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Feb 2, 2009
Hi, I’m Melissa Lie, an interior design student in Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. I’m a new member and I have interest in photography.:)

I’m trying to find a research topic for my thesis this semester. The objective is to find what do people need that we can help or improve through interior design.

My idea is to build a Museum of Photography in Singapore

Nowadays photography world become more and more popular than before. With all the technologies that we have now, from pro camera to the simple camera phone, or even a web cam, people take more pictures anytime, anywhere, everywhere. The old technology of camera like Polaroid and lomo surprisingly become part of the trend among youth. From time to time people gaining their interest in photography. We already have lomography embassy at Liang Seah st, 2902 photo galleries at Mt.Sophia and small exhibition in National Museum. However there no such place which accommodate all of them in one place yet.

Inside the museum there will be three main area, the museum, photo gallery, and workshop. The museum will exhibit the history of camera in terms of the technology with sample of the camera itself. It will be place together with biography of a legend photographer at that time along with his/her art piece. This area helps people to know more about the history of a camera and also getting to know the legend whom can we choose as our inspiration and appreciate more into the photographer as an artist. As for the photo gallery will use as an exhibition area for certain photographer or photography competition in certain period of time. This area helps to introduce the young and old generation of photographer to be well-known by the public, and also as a media to promote their selves to a serious business world. This also could be used to enhance what people think about a photograph, from only just a piece of paper to appreciate it as a piece of art. Workshop will be use as a gathering place for photographer for just a simple sharing of their knowledge or as a place to held a seminar of photography.

This Museum of Photography is very useful for some users. For educational propose, this place helps photography lecturers to show the history of photography to their students. As stated before, this place also helps photographers to introduce themselves, show what they can do and enhance their creativity. And for the public this place helps them to know more about the photography world.

Hopefully this museum could be useful for people to learn, enhance their creativity, and appreciate photograph as a piece of art. As we all know, except video, photography is the only medium which can capture every special moment in our lives.

That was brief of my idea, and now I need any critics or suggestions from all of you. Let’s pretend that you are the panelist who decide whether this Museum of Photography is important, needed and useful enough to be built in Singapore.:)

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Jan 11, 2007
Popularity and the sheer amount of $$$ spent put aside, you'll have to ask, what defines 'important', to whom, and within what perspective and applications as well as the most important: who's your REAL target audiance, the population, or the panel?


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Nov 2, 2004
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
unfortunately, we do not allow research and surveys

btw not a good idea as we are in the internet age and we no longer need a physical space to collect and showcase photos

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