The Digital Art Studio II: Duplicating Photoshop’s Smart Objects


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Sep 27, 2006
This post is part of a series called The Digital Art Studio, in which Sharon Steuer shares her ideas for  integrating traditional and digital tools into a creative workflow. Working with duplicates of a Photoshop smart object allows you to easily experiment with different ways to transform a square composition into a vertical one. In recent years, I’ve evolved a process for creating collages that moves fluidly back and forth between traditional and digital tools. The source materials for the collages are my own traditional and digital paintings and drawings, as well as previous collages. Also in the mix are personal letters sent to me as a child, digitized along with the rest of the imagery, all of which is archivally printed on paper or fabric. No matter how a collage begins—on the computer, or with cut images—the computer, drawing and/or painting tools, and a pair of scissors are usually involved in some part of the process. Last month, I was looking over my finished paintings, drawings, and collages trying to find a suitable one that could serve as a submission for a call for entry. ArtSpan, the San Francisco organization that hosts the oldest and largest Open Studios in the country, was accepting submissions by [...]
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