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Tang Shooters V: TCSS Thread...

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May 8, 2006
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Our Home Base@Multiply
Multiply Site: http://tangsshooter.multiply.com/

If you asked what is Tang Shooters, looking @ what our "marketing director", Mr Falconite says in his multiply site:

Actually, Tang Shooters was formed when a grp of pple wanted to shoot Tang Dynasty City but never get to. The first unofficial trip was to Botanical Garden. The people who went were Falconite, Ambious, Camm, galee and myself. More events coming up.

1.) Due to overwhelming supply of OTs, as instructed by founder qING, we've decided to split the kopitiam thread for purely TCSS purpose, and another thread purely for outings only will be created under gatherings and outings. Over here:http://forums.clubsnap.com/showthread.php?p=3443554

2.) The Tang Dynasty City was conquered successfully on 22/09/2007.

Do join us for the next event. You are also welcome to put down the next event :).

Tang Shooters Admin Team:
qING - Founder
Falconite - Marketing Director
Redsun, Sprintist, Yoshima, g-khoo, blazer_workz, ambious

1) Please help to maintain this thread as a happy, friendly, helpful and a fun-fillled one.
2) Kindly refrain from WAR and any form of personal attacks.
3) Kindly refrain from OT (I know its difficult).:sweat:

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