Submarine ruins off Yonaguni

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Jul 8, 2002
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isit WWII relic

There is a great debate over whether these underwater structures are actually the submerge ruins of some ancient asian civilization or natural faults/rock fractures caused by wave action.

The layout of the structures are pretty impressive with large plateaus and monoliths over a very large area. Japanese scientists insist that its an ancient sun worshipping asian civilization, while most western researchers are a lot more sceptical.

I think I've seen this program sometime before. I think the host/producer is Graham Hancock. He always like to talk about possibilities of pre-Flood ancient civilization and the marvels of Angkor Wat, Easter Island, etc. Read a few of his books before.


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Feb 25, 2003
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If the ruins were really stone monuments, it would have taken quite an advanced civilisation to crave them. Meaning, they will be as mysterious as the statues on Easter Island.

The stepped stones reminded me of another place in Japan. Along the coast of Miyazaki on Kyushu, there is this rock formation called the Ogre's Washboard. It is formed extrusive igneous rocks cutting the surface at an angle and weathered over the ages. The formation stretch for ten of kilometres along the coast facing the Pacific Ocean formng quite an impressive sight.

Incidentally, in Japanese Shinto mythology, the area around Miyazaki is known as Himuka, meaning Land Facing the Sun. It is told that Jinmu, the first emperor of Japan was born here in Himuka.

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