Studio Lighting Setup for taking Baby Photos

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Apr 25, 2002
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I have some studio lighting setup questions which I hope that someone can enlighten me.

I am doing some babies photoshoot in a studio, and thought of applying these studio lighting techniques.

Which one would you prefer, and WHY? ;p

First Setup

Second Setup

Third Setup

Finally, is the lighting ratio of 1:2 adequate for baby shooting? :think:


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Dec 21, 2003
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depends on the kind of mood/look you want to achieve really.

how old/big is the baby? if you put the softbox/umbrella relatively close to the baby, you might be able to achieve very even lighting already, without additional fill (maybe a white reflector would do). if the baby is placed close to the background paper, you might be able to even do away with the background light.

also, too many flashes going on might upset the baby. try and go for the 'window-light' kind of lighting with 1 main source. maybe can even try a continous light source instead of strobes.

comfort is also very important. make sure the mommy/daddy is close at hand and provide warm blankets etc as props.

hope you have a great session with the babies and share with us your experience!

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