Stargazing Events during Earth Hour 2013


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Jun 2, 2012
This is a list of the public stargazing events for tomorrow's Earth Hour celebration in Singapore tomorrow (Saturday, 23 March 2013)

They may be an interesting events for photographers to attend.

Things to do:

- Do afocal astrophotography with your camera - e.g. shoot at Moon with your DSLR (even with mobile phone camera) via the eyepiece through a telescope. Please ask for permission from the telescope volunteers or organisers before doing so. This is usually allowed but in situations of very long queues, doing so may hold up the queues and your request may be turned down.

- Event photography of people queuing up to take a look through the telescopes. And also at the telescopes themselves which comes in various design, size, electronic gadgetry and user-modifications.

- Learn more about astrophotography from the telescope volunteers


Source: ASTRO.SG: Earth Hour 2013 Stargazing Events

This coming Saturday, 23 March 2013, Singapore will be celebrating Earth Hour.

*WEATHER PERMITTING*, there will be free public stargazing at a few locations in Singapore. Please check with the individual organisation for the latest updates of their events.

Thanks to for providing some of the info.

Here's the list:

(1) Woodlands Waterfront Park
- Organised by Woodlands Community Club.
- Stargazing from 7:00pm. Park lights to be switched off after 8:30pm!
- More info: Earth Hour Star Party 2013 : Woodlands Youth Club

(2) Jurong Central Park
- Organised by The Astronomical Society of Singapore
- More info: Singapore Astronomy Club - Astronomical Society of Singapore

(3) Ngee Ann Polytechnic
- Organised by NP Astronomy Club
- More info: Earth Hour 2013 | NPAstro

(4) National University of Singapore University Town (NUS UTown)
- Organised by Raffles Institution Astronomy Club
- Location: Town Green » University Town
- More info: Contact XingYue 98915135

My friends and I will be conducting free stargazing sessions at Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park from 7:30pm onwards. Location is just outside McDonald's at the park. As of now, there is no news of this park switching off its lights during the event.

Follow our twitter for the latest updates -

If you are organising a stargazing event this saturday and would like to be listed here, please feel free to send me an email at

Just would like to highlight a few points especially to those who are new to Earth Hour celebrations in Singapore:

- The switching off at 8:30pm is NOT compulsory by any law. Only some participating organisations are supporting it. So do not expect the whole country to be in total darkness and be able to see the Milky Way stretching across the sky on Saturday.

- In addition to Jupiter, Moon and star clusters, do give Saturn a try tomorrow night! It rises at around 9:35pm from the horizon. The longer you can wait for it to rise higher, the better the view will be.

- For viewing of Planets, Moon and bright star clusters, you do not really need to go to a very dark location in Singapore. Thus, you may organise your own private Earth Hour stargazing sessions with family and friends in a relatively bright but more convenient place. Perhaps at someone's house and switch off all the lights for an hour (or longer) from 8:30pm.

Going to a darker outdoor location does have the advantage of lesser local light pollution which means lesser eye irritation of direct light shining at you or the telescopes. It can also enhance the of stargazing atmosphere and mood.

But visually, do not expect to see a lot of extra details for bright objects with the same astronomical equipment just because you are stargazing at a darker site in mainland Singapore. For example, you will not see an extra bigger Jupiter or surface details of its moon with the same amateur-size telescope.

So lets all pray for clear skies tomorrow and wishing all of you a wonderful Earth Hour stargazing session wherever you are!

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