Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2005 Photography Contest

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Mar 8, 2004
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Since I'm running the marathon, won't be able to take part in the photography contest. :cry:

Information as follows:

As part of our Runspiration programme, Photo enthusiast will get a chance to show off their photo taking skills in this year’s photography contest for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Contest will have to come down on the event day with their own cameras and capture the event. The criteria of the winning photos will be based on originality, creativity and relevancy.

This year’s theme will be “Passion/Enthusiasm”. Capture the elite runners, families & friends, kids dash, supporters/spirit on the course and not forgetting the carnival at the padang.

To take part in this contest, please click here to download the form.

For more information:
Please visit

After clarification with the organiser, Rule #2 under Rules & regulations will need you to do this:
You will have to print out the PDF registration. Fill in the particulars and then you send it by postage before 1st of December.

However, you can only submit one registration form per entry per person. Sending of more than 2 registration form will result in disqualification.

Happy shooting this "long" event, and good luck!
Note: However prizes of winning the contest not stated in the rules & regulations or the event website. :thumbsd:

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