[SS] Lighting On-Location (Strobists) Workshop (20th Nov 2011, SUN)

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Jul 30, 2007
studiospace presents

The structure of the workshop is as follows,
# Part 1 - Foundation Knowledge and Fundamentals, and Indoor Practical
# Part 2 - Outdoor Practical and Reinforcement Session (with model)

Who should attend?
This workshop introduces to everyone into on-location lighting, both indoors and outdoors. The aim is to give the attendees a firm understanding of lighting concepts before they embark on their journey of on-location photography.

Many a times, trial and error becomes the mantra of many users, but with a good understanding of the underlying concepts and knowledge, more time can be devoted to making better pictures than trying to make better pictures.

Basic concepts in lighting and DSLR (preferred), and an open mind for fun and enjoyment.

Course Outline
(1) Introduction to Basics of Lighting
(2) Lighting equipment and lighting modifiers
(3) Concept of Lighting Keys
(4) What is On-location Lighting?
(5) Techniques and know-how of On-location Lighting
(6) Demonstration and Hands-on
(7) Indoor and Outdoor Practical (with model)

Details as follows:
Date : 20th October 2011, SUNDAY
Time#1 : 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Location : INDOOR

Time#2 : 3.30pm to 7.00pm
Location : OUTDOOR

Level : Beginners and all
Course materials : Proper course materials will be provided
No. of attendees : 6 (minimum to start)
Price : S$130, inclusive of model fees and a complimentary FlashGenie Starter Pack, worth S$45, (please state your flash model when signing up)

We will only start the class when the mininum pax is met.

Do not hesitate, take the step into the bigger world of photography.

Booking Instructions:
1. All bookings can be done online via www.studiospace.com.sg,
2. Kindly PM, sms (9776-1422) or email me with your name and mobile number to register,
3. Location and payment details will be emailed to you.,
4. My email : bookings@studiospace.com.sg

This is another photographic experience brought to you by STUDIOSPACE.


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Jul 30, 2007
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