[SOP] School of Photography's Lighting 101

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Lighting, the fundamental concept of photography.

This simple yet powerful tool defines form and texture, create mood and can make or break composition. Grasp an essential grounding in lighting techniques for use of both natural and artificial lights. Learn to produce the shot you want, create dramatic lighting and use light meters.

School of Photography will be opening a class Group A on Lighting 101 scheduled to start on 24th of August.

Details are as follows:
Group A - 24, 27, 31 August & 3 September. Wednesdays(7PM-9PM) & Saturdays(8AM-10AM)

98A Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088519

Registration can be made at:


Contact Hotline: +65 6226 0388
Contact Email: contact@sops.sg


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