Sony ZV1 - an RX100 killer?


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Sony RX100 series cameras can deliver remarkably filmic results in LOG or HLG mode and could be a great way to film in environments where a camera is not welcomed.
But they become much more conspicuous if one starts piling on accessories for audio, ND control etc.
The camera above an RX100 in a cage.
Why a cage?
Because the RX100 lacks a hotshoe. For videographers, the hotshoe is indispensable for receivers, LED light, soundmixers, HDMI to 3.5mm breakout box. etc
With a cage, the RX100 is about the size of an A6400 and no less conspicuous.
The camera below is the rumored ZV1

Notice it has a hotshoe.
If audio is not important, the ZV1 can be used naked for quick b-roll.
If audio is important, that hotshoe can be quickly and cheaply multiplied to hold a variety of auxiliary tools without resorting to a cage.
If that hotshoe is a MIS hotshoe, than XLR inputs are on the cards too.
Ergonomically, the ZV1 trounces the RX100. But we'll have to wait a couple more days to see how its codec and picture profile hold up against it's older cousin.

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