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May 7, 2004
When I saw the title, I assumed that the image has something to do with the Sun(Sol). Is it a play on shadows?

It's an interesting angle, but the composition doesn't do it for me. The subject is interesting though, and I believe you have picked the right moment to actuate the shutter. Just the composition.

Mar 27, 2005
Hmm.. and I thought it was about mexican beer... anyway... I think it looks like a snapshot. The color is too dark for it to related to the "sun".

The white road seems to be carelessly skewed... maybe the angle doesn't look intentional enough... perhaps straight vertical or diagonal will work better...

The grass is a bit baldy... and the green doesn't pop out.. I would prefer a vivid green if the subject is about the sun so that it will represent nature...

I am also not sure about the choice of subject... black top and white pants and then black shoes? and then a very colorful umbrella??? She reminds me of wedding cake.

Perhaps I might crop into just the shadow and the white pants to make it abstract and related to the sun and just a nice contrast between black and white and green all over (with a little clockwise skewing to exclude the black shirt).

No offense, just personal opinion. :p


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Apr 17, 2008
Hi guys, thank u for ur comments, sorry abt the confusion abt the title. It was supposed to be Solitude hence the short for SOL, I understand what u guys are saying abt the composition, personally I find the image a little too dark overally but was curious what others might think.
And yes u guys are spot on, the image was a snapshot.

All in all thank u for ur feedback

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