"Slow" fuel gauge response after routine maintenance

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Jul 23, 2005
Singapore, West
Just did the 40000km routine maintenance on my car.
On first refuel, the fuel gauge refused to rise to indicate full tank after pumping at gas station. Gas station uncle proved fuel tank was full already by pumping it till it leaks.

Drove another 15-20km then eventually pointer of fuel gauge rose to show full tank.

On subsequent refuel, no more relunctant fuel gauge pointer anymore.
So it seems not damaged.

Does it mean the slow pointer was a once off with a plausible explanation?

I don't want to bring the car back to dealer just to check this esp its only one week after service, and the dealer's workshop is at pandan so far to go... and fair chance they see the pointer now moves instantly and may not able to find the problem anyway.

Mar 5, 2006
there is a fuel assembly that incorporates a float which sense the fuel level. Depending on cars, it may just be a quick fix. go to dealer and have it checked out. but "if" you know a trusty mechanic that will not chop you carrot, go for an evaluation and decide where to fix there and then.

its actually a very simple device.


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Apr 20, 2007
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
When the tank is overfilled, the floater can sometimes get stuck at the full position. It's not advisable to fill the tank beyond the auto-stop point.

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