sitex: new LCD monitors?

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Mar 14, 2004
I am looking to get a new monitor and a new mac mini. Usage will be photoshop, PS3 (gaming+video)

Looking for roughly 24" in size.

Was thinking about the dell 24" 2407WFP-HC as it is economical, and 92" color gamut.

But it doesn't has HDMI input so I need to buy a switch for my PS3, (untidy). And got ghosting issues.

Saw the benq FP241VW which supposedly has better reaction time BUT the color is not the wide color gamut kind. It also has a seperate HDMI input which I can plug in my PS3.

I am curious. How impt is it to get a wide gamut monitor? Is there a big difference? I am using an old IMAC 20" which uses a S-IPS panel but I don't think it is wide gamut and I am pretty happy with its color.

Budget is around $1k, can go up or down.

Is there any other good monitors I should know about?

NEC 26" is supposedly very good but is it on sale in Singapore?

There is also the samsung 245t and 275t. Both is wide gamut LCDs.


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Oct 2, 2002
The 2407WFP-HC is your best bet now. NEC monitors are not sold in our local market, and the FP241VW is not that impressive in terms of color reproduction from what I read on some photography forums.

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