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Recently went to TIMES in Plaza Singapura and found this extremely interesting coffee table book (quite big also) for just S$2.99!!

Yupz, less then S$3.00. It has many photographs and of coz writeups on the currency of Singapore's growth since we got our independence.

The photographers featured were:

Peter Chen
Chua Soo Bin
Gerald Gay
Rio Helmi
Ho Khee Tong
Leong Ka Tai
Pisit Jiropas
Lawrence Lim
Munshi Ahmed
Raghu Rai
K.F. Seetoh <- that makansutra guy ^.^
Dominic Sansoni
Russel Wong
Tuck Loong

Dunno if it's still in stock but do pop by to see lor.. not a bad investment. Hard cover with exterior hard sleeve. :bsmilie:

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