Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year 2014


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Feb 18, 2006
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Sharing news about this year-long photography competition that the National Parks Board has organized.
The first theme is the Heritage of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Summary of some points are extracted from here.

"Participants will compete for cash and camera prizes worth about $50,000. The overall best winner will walk away with a Nikon D610 kit, camera lens, and $3,000 cash. First prize winners of each theme will win a Nikon D5300 kit and $2,000 cash. The competition’s presenting sponsor is City Developments Limited (CDL), supported by Nikon and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). It is also organised in partnership with the Garden City Fund (GCF) and Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS).

The photo competition will feature an open category and Instagram category. Members of the public are encouraged to participate in all four themes and submit them in both categories. For the open category, a maximum of 10 photographs per theme is allowed for each participant. All entries must be sent to For the Instagram category, there is no limit on the number of entries that can be submitted. However, participants should include the hashtag #sgpy_<theme> in their picture descriptions.

In support of Singapore Botanic Gardens’ bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first theme for the competition will be “Singapore Botanic Gardens – Celebrating Our Heritage”. From now till 7 January 2015, participants can submit photographs that feature the Gardens’ rich natural, historical and cultural heritage."

Online submissions to be done here.


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Apr 26, 2008
A reminder: It is the Contest Organizers' responsibility to comply with the following:

Dear Contest Organizers and also those posting news of contests,

Please note that FULL Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) must be openly disclosed/put up in the first post of your thread, or a direct link to the FULL T&Cs need to right up front in your first post. This also affects those posting news about contests.
15. When I submit a photo for this competition, what rights does NParks have to my submission?

NParks reserves the right to use, reproduce, edit and distribute any materials submitted for this competition for publication and/or display in any media format and any media channels without obtaining further prior permission and payment of any fees or royalty to the paticipant. The materials may be used for the following purposes:
i. Operating, administering and promoting the competition, before and after the competition has ended;
ii. Displaying the participant’s materials on the competition website and/or the organiser and sponsors’ websites;
iii. Issuing a media release or making media pitches with materials regarding the winning entries;
iv. Usage of the participant’s materials during the organiser’s roadshows, exhibitions and in publications both printed and online, for purposes which are non-profit in nature, such as for the promotion of nature awareness in Singapore.

It is the participants’ responsibility to read through the official photo competition’s Terms and Conditions for further information on the rights you grant when submitting a photograph to the Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year.
“Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year”

Photo Competition

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“Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year”

Photo Competition

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