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Oct 3, 2002
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...but you showed us the whole surrounding, which is not so interesting!

focus your pic, maybe. show what exactly it is that interests you. if you have to tell us it's the shadow (& not the tripod) that interested you, the photo doesn't work... ;)

Hi Alvin,

it's a good effort but as d7t3 has mentioned, the surrounding can prove to discount on what was meant to be a good shot.

The idea is there but the method is off. What you can do is either
1) have a good background/ backdrop (use a big white sheet or bedsheet) and shoot as you would in your composition

2) shoot from an over head angle so as to have a uniformed background (ie: the floor tiles and the graduated colours caused by the light scource)

3) Go much closer and try not to include too much of the background.

Keep trying (since you are using a DC)! :thumbsup:


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Jul 30, 2003
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cute. reminds me of the pixar trailer they show b4 the pixar movies.. the one with the lamp.

Hi guys! Thanks for the critiques. I'm slowly working to improve on my shots!

Right now I'm focusing on utilizing the 3:2 aspect ratio only, even with my digital camera, and prefer not to crop. Kinda love the way the frame (3:2) is displayed, as compared to 4:3...

Once again thanks!


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