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Sentosa Thread XVII(FS is like NoKiA-coNnEcTin PPL,NikE-jUz Do It,PePsi-Ask for MoRe)

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Welcome to the 17th season of Sentosa Thread, where we left off over HERE. Join us in the month of August for outings to shoot the fireworks festival just like a year back, where a line of more than 20+ tripods & their owners awaited for the right moment.

Sentosa Thread is going to celebrate their first anniversary on August, 28th. We have all come a loooooooong way, and i must say this has been one of the most successful thread in CS up till today, a thread which lasted thru 16 beautiful seasons and also the appearance of beautiful model such as :

For those who got lotsa time, can refer back:
(Warning:Reading back logs of STG may cause lost of mind, lost of job, lost of $$$ to BUY BUY BUY)[/font]

Season I (.....history liaos

Season II

Season III

Season IV

Season V

Season VI

Season VII

Season VIII

Season IX

Season X

Season XI

Season XII

Season XIII

Season XIV

Season XV

Season XVI

All are welcome to join the fun bunch....


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Jun 28, 2004
dEthANGeL said:

yur face always greenn.... better get dressed soon.. else will fall sick leh..........take care...

National Day Preview Fireworks

Fireworks season coming again. Organising an outing for the shoot this coming Saturday. So those interested, put in your name. Tentatively, the meeting time and place should be the same as before. All are welcome.

Place to meet : Marina Square Food Court
Time : 6pm
Person to contact : acidbyte


01. acidbyte
02. furball :lovegrin:
03. Cxxxxx (mystery shooter #1)
04. dEthANGeL
05. Garion (I suggest ON Benjamin Sheares bridge...can shoot the flypast also!!!)
06. scud
07. xxxxYxxxxx (mystery shooter #2)

Suggest a shooting location

01. On Benjamin Shears bridge
02. Under Benjamin Shears bridge
03. Marina Bay
04. Esplanade Bridge



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Jun 20, 2004
Will03 said:
yur face always greenn.... better get dressed soon.. else will fall sick leh..........take care...
I'm already sick lah :rolleyes:


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Sep 4, 2004
Beyond Space-Time Continuum
Ok before I go get dinner/supper. Here are ESPN`s xmm pics.

A cute girl in a yukata.

She was playing hide and seek with my lens. :bsmilie:

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