Screen protector for LCD

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Sep 27, 2006
Melbourne Australia
Hello All,
I got my K100D today !!! Finally crossed to the Dark Side. :devil:
Been playing with it but aint got no card yet.
But my main question is this.

Can you buy a protector that fits on the display screen. I guess its easy to be scratched and gets dirty easy with finger marks ect .

Any advise appreciated.

Blair :dunno:

There are a few different types, depending on the usage. the most common ones are the screen protectors you use for the LCD screens for handphones or specifically for your K100D. Check the size and get the right type. You can get that almost anywhere.

Then there is the heavier duty type, which you can probably check on the mass sale section.


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Dec 18, 2005
what kind would u be looking for?
most people just use the soft (handphone style) type.. u can find it in most camera/handphone shops, or just buy a universal one and cut to size.. those are quite cheap..

for harder plastic ones, try da' protectors or giottos..

do note that some of these protectors affect image brightness/colour.. so it may not be that good an idea to use them...someone has also mentioned that the giottos ones are good, but vary hard to remove...

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