Santarina(s) will appear~~

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Aug 6, 2004
Well, first, I have no idea where to post this. Heard this from some gals, the actual locations I am not too sure. (the models have to go interview for this job SO I do not know if details might change. But just in case so that you guys working in these areas might wanna bring your cameras on the above dates to your office: IF YOU ARE WORKING at Shanton Way or Lau Pa Sha or Raffles Area.... And you are working ats a banker! The latest news are: The gals will be going up to the office to distrubite these christmas goddies only to Bankers. Which type of bankers? no idea at all, even the gals have no idea. They will only be having a taxi uncle telling them the way, driving them to the locations. thats all...

Dates: 13th, 14th, 15th December.
Time: 9am to 12noon and then from 1pm to 4pm OR maybe an hours difference (eg. 10am to 1pm then 2pm to 5pm). *forgot already..

They might move around and transport is Merc Cab/taxi.

*I heard so I post... but if got changes I will not know cos not me doing the job

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